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Governor Rick Scott claims credit for increase in Florida jobs

Governor Rick Scott is claiming credit for creating more jobs in Florida. He believes his policies have strengthened the economy and encouraged companies to move to Florida and hire more people.

In a release from the Office of Governor Rick Scott dated February 21, Governor Rick Scott claimed credit for cutting taxes 24 times, cutting property taxes by more than $210 million and increasing corporate tax exemption so more than 70 percent of Florida businesses no longer pay state business taxes. One major accomplishment according to Scott is the elimination of the sales tax on machinery and equipment. Scott has said over the past year that this has created a situation where Florida is now ranked in the top five overall in state business tax climate by the Tax Foundation, according to the release by the Office of Governor Rick Scott.

In the release, he was quoted as saying, “Our lack of personnel income tax has contributed to record population growth and tourism. The millage rates have remained the same while Florida has seen and increase in property values resulting in greater revenue to the state. These initiatives are helping Florida’s businesses to grow and since 2010, and since 2010 Florida businesses have created more than 460,000 jobs statewide,” said Scott in the February 21 release.

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