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Governor Perdue releases proposed state budget, including education cuts

Perdue released new fiscal budgets.
Perdue released new fiscal budgets.
Marcelo Moura, SXC

Governor Sonny Perdue published his Amended Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2011 budgets yesterday afternoon.

His new Amended 2010 budget totals $17.4 billion, which represents a $1.2 billion reduction from his original 2010 Fiscal Year budget. The 2011 budget totals $18.2 billion.

According to Governor Perdue, “We have actively managed the budget in a step-down approach as revenues have continued to slide […] Just as Georgians are balancing their checkbooks and making tough decisions in difficult times, the state must and will do the same.”

Perdue’s 2011 budget contains $168 million marked for construction, equipment and school buses for Georgia’s K-12 schools. It also contains $121 million designated for state university projects and $44 million marked for technical schools.

According to the AJC, however, K-12 budgets suffer an extra three percent cut in the current 2010 budget and teachers are required to expend three furlough days prior to June 30.