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Governor Pat McCrory announces funding increase for early childhood education

According to Inside Politics, Governor Pat McCrory announced on Wednesday that a $3.6 million funding increase will be given to early childhood education in North Carolina. Governor McCrory also wants to give a pay raise for teachers, whose pay ranks 46th among all the states in the nation, and state employees.

Base pay for NC teachers may increase to $35,000. There may be a minimum of a 2 percent increase in pay for teachers and state employees. The NC Association for Educators (NCAE) says that this is not enough.

In addition to the pay raises, “Career Pathways for Teachers” establishes additional ways for teachers to earn raises. For example, teachers can work in high-need areas or high-need schools.

This program will not be fully implemented until 2018. The Republican-led General Assembly still has to approve the pay raises.
Teachers who earn higher degrees in their area may also receive increases of 10 percent of their base pay. Textbook funding may double to $46 million.

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