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Governor McCrory lays out his priorities for 2014

N.C Governor Pat McCrory held a press conference at the Executive mansion today outlining his goals for the year and the upcoming legislative session.

N.C Governor Pat McCrory held a press conference in the executive mansion laying out what he would like to accomplish in 2014.
John Curtis Smith

Governor McCrory says, “We’ve got some major challenges and work to do.” Calling energy exploration which is user friendly slang for offshore drilling one of the main goals of his Administration. Governor McCrory says that he wishes to work with the White House and other states on the issue of energy exploration. The Governor talked about how North Carolina is ten years behind in the effort to explore energy off the coast. And that he wants to start the process of seismic testing to see if there is oil in our state.

When Governor McCrory took office last year he promised leadership, economic growth, and jobs for North Carolina. At the time he took office N.C had the 4th highest unemployment rate in the U.S and while the unemployment rate is now lower, there are still many people out of work across the state. McCrory touted the priorities of his first year as Governor, talking about how tax reform and the controversial cuts in unemployment benefits have helped the state’s economy by reducing the unemployment rate.

The Governor mentioned the the DHHS fiasco in which the medicaid cards of nearly 49,000 children were mailed to the wrong people. Asking whether or not DHHS is too big to succeed, a spin on too big to fail. Governor McCrory called for a review board to look at how things are done at DHHS. Which could imply a drastic change in the way things are done at DHHS. One of the people who will help lead the review is State Budget Director Art Pope.

Much has been said about how McCrory has not been as open to the media as previous Governor’s as well as not doing enough to meet with those who have a different opinion on the issues impacting the state such as the Moral Monday crowd. In response to this Governor McCrory said that, “I would like them to be a part of the solution, I want to encourage critics by telling them that I want to meet with them if they have solutions.” Adding that, “I think one area we all need to improve on is dialogue and conversation and not political soundbites against each other.”

The Governor also talked about First Lady Ann McCrory’s initiative to limit puppy mills in North Carolina. The Bill which is supported by the House but has stalled in the Senate could come up for debate again in the short session. Governor McCrory has hinted at inviting the State Senators to lunch at the executive residence who do not support the bill to change their mind. Other issues that were talked about was the idea of using art to make the state highways and bridges look better.

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