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Governor helps educators

Governor of North Carolina has sent out these comments two days ago to constituents in the State:

"Teacher pay increase that is affordable and sustainable in the long term. This morning I kept that commitment by signing a historic $21.1 billion-dollar budget that meets these requirements. The overall education budget increased by $305 million – one of the largest teacher pay raises in North Carolina’s history. Teachers across the state will receive on average a 5.5% pay increase and, with the addition of longevity, will average a nearly 7% increase.

The legislature and I were also able to include a 2.2% increase in the general fund. All of these accomplishments are being done with no tax increases.

Aside from making our state more competitive both regionally and nationally for existing and prospective teachers, there will be no reduction of teaching assistants."

The Governor and lawmakers in Raleigh are focusing on Educators and education as a key to making North Carolina competitive in the global market. He is taking steps to make sure Educators get the pay they deserve for their dedication to teach and bring out the best skills in North Carolina students. You can see more measures by the Governor at : You can check out the latest videos at : He is working hard to bring Educators the credit they deserve and help North Carolina families.

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