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Governor Hassan’s school board pick is a slap in the face to NH children

Governor Hassan's DOE pick is a slap in the face to NH children
Governor Hassan's DOE pick is a slap in the face to NH children
Photo by Bee Media

Tomorrow New Hampshire’s Executive Councilors will likely be voting on Governor Hassan’s nomination for the State School Board – Bill Duncan. Who is Bill Duncan? He is a wealthy elitist who actively fights against school choice for children, damning them to public schools no matter how bad said schools. He would rather a poor child suffer in a badly performing school than have the option or choice to seek a better education in another school through vouchers or scholarships simply because of their zip code.

Duncan is also currently a part of lawsuit against the State of New Hampshire. In a letter to charter school parents from some in the House of Representatives as posted on GraniteGrok:

The Governors nomination of the activist Mr. Duncan comes as quite a surprise to those following NH politics. Never in recent memory has one who has initiated and assumed the role of lead plaintiff in a court case filed AGAINST the State of New Hampshire ever been simultaneously nominated for a seat on a prestigious board. Even more surprising is that the Board would be the Board of Education where Mr. Duncan has led the fight against the first program for educational opportunity for the children of low and middle income.


Furthermore, Mr. Duncan is on record for trying to shut down the Charter School programs by publicly advocating against the additional funding bill for Charter schools (HB435) as well as making outrageous public statements, such as:

Charter schools are a political statement not an educational Improvement”.

I always consider policy discussions about privatization – proposals to dismantle public education and replace it with charters, vouchers and home schools – a distraction…

So HB 435 raises big questions about whether New Hampshire should fund a fast-growing new system of charter schools out of the state’s scarce revenues.

Given Mr. Duncan’s radical activism against education choice in New Hampshire, we do not believe that he can render an impartial decision regarding the oversight of charter schools and therefore is unqualified to fill the position he has been nominated for.

If you value your children’s future and their education, please contact the following Executive Councilors immediately who will be voting on this nomination as early as this Thursday.

Why Governor Hassan would nominate a man currently involved in a lawsuit against the state is mind-numbing. It’s bad enough Duncan fights against school choice every chance he gets. He would be the teachers’ union puppet rather than actually fighting for what is best for teachers and children. Apparently the calls and emails to the Executive Councilors are off the hook today. Parents across the state should be outraged by this nomination as it is nothing more than a slap in the face to Granite State children.

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