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Governor Freudenthal pardons close friend, former District Attorney Kevin Meenan


  • Patrick Sperry 5 years ago

    Gads, and my friend can't even get his rights restored after his wife beat him up in public..? Talk about a culture of cronyism! Most often it is subtle when done but this is, simply put. Outrageous!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    This is the double standard many officials practice when they get into office whether it is to pardon a friend, repay a contributor, or seek favors from special interests to stay in office. But I think it is a total slap in the face of the citizens of that state that the governor did it so openly. If he is not recalled then I think that state deserves what it get sjust like Californians are getting what they deserve for electing such terrible people in my opinion to office. You have seen teh unthinkable now act and boot this governor to the curb. And yes Martha one offense like this is serious enough to cost the man his job.

  • JRP 5 years ago

    I got a bunch of stuff in the mail most saying Matt Mead was this or that. I am sorry I didn't look deeper before I voted for him.

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