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Governor Freudenthal pardons close friend, former District Attorney Kevin Meenan

Former DA / Criminal gets gun rights restored. Is it special treatment? You decide...

In what is so obvious in an act of friendship, Dave Freudenthal has pardoned close friend of thirty years Kevin Meenan. Meenan once hailed as a top law enforcement official, formally a Natrona County District Attorney.

Meenan disgraced the Justice system, but fast forward and he gets a full pardon including a restoral of his gun rights. And you can’t even get a traffic ticket fixed…

And just in case you need a “lying cheat” for an Attorney, this pardon also gives Meenan a chance to appear before the bar to ask for his license to practice law.

Sound good so far? Let’s all thank Governor Freudenthal.

Down and dirty--
What did he do? At this point we only know what kind of “deal” he received. The plea deal included forgery, identity theft, larceny and of course official misconduct. I think I can say without going out on a limb that he probably received a favorable plea deal, you know for being a fine up standing District Attorney for so many years.

According to the Associated Press report, District Judge Keith Kautz of Torrington said--
"A pardon for Mr. Meenan would give the appearance that public officials are held to a lesser standard than citizens are," and "The crime in this case was intentional and continued over a period of time. The defendant was a member of the bar and an elected official, and certainly knew that he was breaking the law."

Judge Kautz…Preach it Brother!

Why does this happen--
Freudenthal as a former U.S. Attorney tried cases where Judges ultimately make the tough decisions. This in itself sets up any future elected office with a false determination of power. In other words once power is achieved through an elected office, it is more likely to be abused.
If you disagree, then answer the following question - Why should a former District Attorney get treatment that an ordinary citizen would be denied?

The reality is, we have just witnessed  how the Elite Class rules.Of course I have continually cautioned about electing these special prosecutors to the Legislature.

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Anthony Bouchard is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government - he is also the Director of WyGO - Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming's Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.

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  • Patrick Sperry 4 years ago

    Gads, and my friend can't even get his rights restored after his wife beat him up in public..? Talk about a culture of cronyism! Most often it is subtle when done but this is, simply put. Outrageous!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This is the double standard many officials practice when they get into office whether it is to pardon a friend, repay a contributor, or seek favors from special interests to stay in office. But I think it is a total slap in the face of the citizens of that state that the governor did it so openly. If he is not recalled then I think that state deserves what it get sjust like Californians are getting what they deserve for electing such terrible people in my opinion to office. You have seen teh unthinkable now act and boot this governor to the curb. And yes Martha one offense like this is serious enough to cost the man his job.

  • JRP 4 years ago

    I got a bunch of stuff in the mail most saying Matt Mead was this or that. I am sorry I didn't look deeper before I voted for him.

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