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Governor declares state of emergency: Curfew to protect retailers after shooting

A peaceful demonstration gave way to protect local retailers from unlawful looting in the area of Ferguson, Missouri. This attempt by the people in the neighborhood had failed. Governor Jay Nixon then stepped in and declared a state of emergency as well as a curfew in town to protect its residents and local retailers. Pleas were made yesterday stating we aren’t looters or burners but builders and liberators.

Governor steps in to help prevent damage and get to the bottom of an alleged racial shooting
Greg Newington / Getty Images

The curfew and reason for the state of emergency was set to try and calm the people in town after tempers flared over the shooting of an eighteen year old male by police. Michael Brown who was unarmed was shot by a white police officer, Darren Wilson who believed the young man was looting. Brown broke into a local convenience store and was allegedly stealing cigars.

The whole area is up in arms over this tragedy and believes it is racial in nature. They tried to set up to the plate to help but were unable to do so. Now there is rioting and looting making it more difficult for the police in the area to protect the residents and deal with all the new crime being committed because of this situation.

Protesters have been criticizing the police, threatening them stating that they are at fault and not protecting the people as they should. Looting is at an all time high as well as damage being done to the area by the protestors. Buildings have been burned, windows are being shattered, local stores are being targeted and the level of violence has increased to a rampaging riot throughout the city.

“We cannot have looting and crimes at night,” Nixon said. “We can’t have people fearful.” “We can’t have police officers killing people!” Someone in the crowd yelled. Assault rifles, heavy riot armor, SWAT trucks, posted snipers and tear gas have been requested and used to control the violence, chaos, looting and destruction by protestors.

With all the chaos going on Nixon engaged a state of emergency and a curfew to protect the citizens of Ferguson. The curfew is set from midnight to 5:00 a.m. because of the gravity of the situation. Many groups have had their say regarding the actions of the police and to aid in the investigation including the Amnesty International USA, the FBI, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the governor and the NAACP besides local police to try to get to the bottom of this tragic shooting and restore peace to the streets once again.

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