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Governor Brown swarmed by fractivist delegates at Los Angeles CA Dem Convention

Governor Brown was swarmed by fractivists Saturday, March 8th at the CA Democratic Convention in Los Angeles as he spoke about climate change after declaring drought recently, flaring the passions of fractivists who believed the opening up of the state for shale fracking would exacerbate climate change and drought, especially while the state ought to begin planning for an inevitable 100% renewable carbon free energy economy based upon wind, water, and solar.

Governor Brown swarmed by fractivist delegates at Los Angeles CA Dem Convention
Martha Sullivan

Drought is more of a function of climate change more so than weather, and 20 year projections/ cycles are common- from Evaporation and Droughts (Hanson, R.L., 1991).

Officials anticipating the action had originally confiscated the signs the protestors had planned to hold 'Another Democrat Against Fracking,' and so continued to sneak them in until Democratic Party Chair John Burton changed the policy, allowing fractivists to quickly pass them out and hold them up as Brown took the stage.

Another Democrat Against Fracking

Fractivist Damien Luzzo, a delegate from Yolo County Central committee tweeted, "At least 150 people were holding up signs that said 'Another Democrat Against #Fracking.'" "I was 10 feet away from @JerryBrownGov. I yelled: Be a #climate leader. Stop #Fracking now!" "It was a CDP order. Burton just re-approved them. We made a ruckus. Almost arrested for complaining."

Luzzo furthered, "Our party platform is anti-#fracking and maybe 90% of the crowd was against #Fracking. Hundreds of people were chanting: 'Ban #Fracking Now!' and 'No more #Fracking.' He heard us. We swarmed the stage. At least 150 people were holding signs up. I yelled. People chanted. [This all happened after an announcement that the]
"CDP Enviro caucus passed our 100% Renewables resolution! Party Platform amended to oppose #Fracking."

Fractivists statewide plan protest at Sacramento capitol

Ken Jones of 350 Bay Area and from Greenbrae, was one of the audience, and a delegate, "I would say there were hundreds holding signs from their seats, and waving them as he spoke, and maybe 15 or 20 up close in the aisles. The security had refused to allow those signs in and so were going through our bags to pull them out, so many of us snuck them in by hiding them in our clothes."

Jones is a robust community organizer working both inside and outside the party. He is one of the many organizing buses that will bring in an estimated over 1000 protestors from around the state to Sacramento to the Capitol this coming weekened.

East meets West in the fight over fracking

Mark Ruffalo -(NY) was sought after for his help after what he helped facilitate in New York, and will headline a conference call this Wednesday for Californians Against Fracking to prepare and fire fractivists up; while Daryl Hannah promises to be in actual attendance in Sacramento Saturday, March 15th.

Ruffalo has been instrumental in the fight to stop fracking, while calling for 100% clean energy plans for the nation and has been active in Frack Action , Americans Against Fracking, and with his own Water Defense for years in New York to have helped bring about a moratorium there.

[Note update March 11, 2014 Josh Fox of the Gasland Movies will now lead the conference call].

Hannah is known for her valient attempts to try to have been arrested for helping East Texas farmer, Eleanor Fairchild defend her farm from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline taken by eminent domain from TransCanada on the keystone in 2012.

While fractivists from both coasts join to help each other; a moratorium on fracking in California would act to also hold the moratorium in place in New York, and be a step towards to an eventual alleviation of a dependence upon finite fossil fuels while planning for a clean energy economy.

Will the switch to clean energy be made in time

Jones explained the socioenvironmental economics as "the dirty oil sludge deep in the Monterey Shale deposits, if brought to market and used, will put as much heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere that climate chaos will be all but certain. Fracking uses huge amounts of water during a drought already made more severe by climate change, while stimulating earthquakes, exposing us and other species to deadly chemicals that get into our water system, while destroying communities and people's remaining trust in their elected leaders."

"Of course," Jones finished, "None of this is necessary given we could commit ourselves to a plan that will get us to 100% carbon free renewable energy for all purposes from wind! water! and sun! by 2050 as Stanford University renewable energy studies show is possible for every state in the nation to meet climate goals, and to catch up to Germany and many other countries already headed that way, such as Iceland (100%) and or New Zealand (80%), if we had a Governor who truly committed to acting on his words."

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