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Governor Brewer continues her legacy of controversial legislation

vetoing Bill SB 1062
vetoing Bill SB 1062

Governor Jan Brewer assured everyone she would do the right thing for the state of Arizona by vetoing bill SB 1062. The proposed legislation was supposed to allow businesses to assert their religious beliefs and deny service to gay and lesbian patrons. How legislation so reprehensible becomes a bill in the first place is shocking. Both chambers of the state legislature in Arizona approved it and passed the bill thrusting Arizona once again into the spotlight. However, key businesses and civil liberty groups weighed in showing discontent, which lead to politicians rethinking their position and ultimately Brewer’s decision to veto the bill.

This isn’t the first-time Brewer has found herself under a legislative microscope as she thoughtlessly navigates her way through issues concerning minorities and gays. In 2010, she signed into law the controversial immigration bill SB1070 which gave police the power to detain or arrest anyone suspected of being in the country illegally as long as there was a reasonable suspicion. Critics believed the law encouraged racial profiling and challenged the constitutionality of the law used to address illegal immigrants in Arizona.

Judging by the laws coming out of the Arizona legislature it’s just a matter of time before Republicans in the state overturn the civil rights act and take away a woman’s right to vote.