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Governments are covering up the existence of ancient giants and hide the remains

Giants have been the basis for many fairytales and legends. Every culture on earth has its own stories of towering humans whether living in the clouds accessible by a bean stalk or being killed by a young boy with a sling slot. Giants have captured the imagination worldwide and it appears that there has been proof of their existence on earth for centuries but for some reason powers that be have hidden found remains of many different sizes and races of them. In Africa several skeletons have been found in tact reaching heights of up go 36 feet tall. (See video with photos of excavations).

Remains of Nephilim Giants found
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Even in the United States an entire tribe of 8 to 12 foot red haired, six fingered giants were discovered mummified in a cave located in the Southwest. Local Native Americans were not surprised at this information as a famous indigenous princess wrote about her tribe's history and told the story of the six fingered giants which were slaughtering and cannibalizing her people. Interestingly, they were the reason American Indians began the tradition of holding up their hand and stating "how" when greeting a stranger; they were ascertaining that the person had only five and not six fingers.

There are many legends of how giants came to be in existence but the most well documented is in the Holy Bible and the apocryphal book of Enoch. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, there are scriptures eluding to the intermingling of angels (sons of God) and human females (daughters of men) which resulted in the enormous offspring which committed violence, atrocities and devoured mankind after using up food supplies. Wars, witchcraft and hidden forbidden knowledge abounded because the giants (Nephilim or Gigantes which means "the fallen ones" or "earthbound" had learned these forbidden arts from their fallen angelic fathers. Enoch goes on to explain in detail that 200 angels, led by Semjaza (often believed to be Satan/Lucifer) made a pact that they would leave their angelic bodies and mate with the human women and create children with them. This was forbidden by God because they wre eternal spiritual beings and had no need to mingle flesh or procreate; however, they all swore the oath and landed on Mt. Hermon in Lebanon, thus the name "hermon" which means "pact". They went on offending God by teaching humans the art of war, metalurgy to make weapons, eye painting, curses, astrology and even abortion. They were bound in the earth in chains until the set time they will be released to reek havoc on the earth in the end times then they will all be imprisoned in Tartarus, the deepest darkest pits of Hell. The book Enoch was in the cannon but was removed because the church leaders were uncomfortable with the fantastic tales of sexual union between angelic beings and human women.

The Sumerians had similar tales of these fallen angels they knew as "gods" which lived amongst them and taught them civilized life, agriculture, and mathmatics, and the meaning and calendaring of the stars and planets. The same tale is present with the Greeks (the Titans), Romans, Myans, Egyptians and Incan civilizations. So why on earth would the world leaders want to keep it a secret. The theory is that the so called "aliens" (the greys, reptilians and the White Brotherhood or the Nordics) are in fact these same fallen angels some masquerading as "angels of enlightenment" and teaching a false gospel. It isn't clear why alien races would care to constantly deny the divinity of Jesus Christ nor why His name offends and actually repels them to the point of stopping abductions mid-process. (See CE4 Alien Resistance for testimonies of this nature). It is actually the only known thing that will stop the horrible abductions and genetic harvesting/medical invasions. More articles will follow explaining the agendas of these "aliens" and how they are related to each other and their presence throughout history.

In a nutshell, this is why the leaders of the world do not want this truth known: 1. it confirms the Bible and not their New Age agenda 2. it would cause a panic in the general population because they think we, the dumb masses, are too fragile to expand our minds to accept anything but our safe paradigm 3. The governments have been working with these beings (interdimensional not inter galactic, although they have technology for such travel) and have made treaties with them exchanging access to humans and animals for experimentation and genetic hybridization (these abominations and pollution were the reason God had to destroy the world with a worldwide flood. It references this fact when in the book of Genesis it is written "and Noah was perfect IN HIS GENERATIONS". The Greeks mention some of the monsters they created in their mythology, ie. Medusa, Cenataurs, Cerberus, etc. See related article This article has a video attached with a segment of a radio interview with Steve Quayle who is an author and expert on the giants, Nephilim and all things alien. It contains footage of excavations of giant and anomalous remains as well as newspaper articles about the finds which have since been denied and covered up. You're probably shaking your head in disbelief and I wouldn't blame you except for the fact that its all true and there's much evidence to prove it. I'll keep you posted and will be publishing many articles on related themes regarding this and the disclosure project.

As crazy as this sounds, the truth is always harder to believe than fiction. Enjoy!

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