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Government shut down may affect gun sales

Within the last hour, the United States government entered into shutdown, resulting from deadlock within Congress over new healthcare plans and adjusting national spending. Reaching no agreement or resolution, employees are to be furloughed, different levels of federal spending diminished or cut until further notice. Multiple levels of federal regulation are being shutdown.

What does this mean for purchasing guns? With a government shutdown there is fear by some citizens of the emergence of a police state to regulate any potential of martial law. With the unknown outcome of what America’s economy will look like, purchasing firearms, ammunition, and accessories is an even higher priority for some. Though purchasing of firearms has not been mentioned specifically, Federal background checks are required with the purchase of a firearm. With the government shutdown, it is unclear how this will be affected. However, since it is a governmental entity, there will surely be delays and added frustration in the firearms industry.

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