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Government employees destroy citizens’ lives

Rules and rulers

Our government employees not only destroy lives they also in many cases kill.

In cases like Benghazi and Flight 370 like assassinate and then create massive cover ups with huge volumes of disinformation being fed to the media. But those case being extreme and further in between are not nearly as rampant as ordinary citizens being targeted by government agencies which results in the destruction of their pursuit of freedom and happiness. The issue is we as citizens do not have access to government data bases that contain information about us that may or may not be true. It’s not like a credit report that we look up and protest any false information. A power lusting government employee can put us on a list or add a derogatory comment on our records that can mark us for life. Government employees should not be allowed to play God and pass judgment on any of us.

This begins early in school where they are quick to label a child who doesn’t develop as quickly as others. A permanent label of, “learning disability,” closes doors for a child in their future via falling behind the pace of the main class. Just like a label of tax protester creates a never ending battle with the I.R.S. Battles with the I.R.S. are so rampant that our TV and radio commercials are full of commercials offering services to combat the I.R.S. And in one case in Austin Texas a man flew his plane into the office of the I.R.S.’s employee that had been harassing him for years. They had destroyed his life to the point he felt had nothing to lose so he attempted to kill the agitator and himself in a suicide mission. Sound familiar? Not to unlike a suicide bomber who also feels they have no future hope so they strap on a bomb and kill many others along with themselves.

Police keep list of suspected whatever’s like drug dealers or street racers. If not true these labels can bring us much undue grief. But these labels exist on each and every one of us and none of us has access to these records to insure accuracy. Even our grocers are keeping list. Those little store cards they give us is for the purpose of creating a list of our purchases. Google and others track our every move on the net mainly to target marketing at us but they also sell our information to anyone including our government. Banks sell our financial records to businesses and government employees have access to any and all banking records in real time.

Now with the advancement of GPS and cameras they can track and see us any where at any given time. Very few intersections do not have cameras above or beside every light. Freeways are covered every inch by cameras as are shopping areas. Freedom is succumbing to tyranny and we stand and watch. Some of us even go as far as complain, but far too few of us do anything to combat the erosion of our freedoms. How much more could each of us accomplish daily if we didn’t have to sift through junk mail, spam, sales calls, app updates, app pop ups and on and on. All these time eaters originate by us being on some list or data base which we do not have access to or consent to be on. Are we free to not be on list? The answer is. “No,” just as the answer to are we truly free?

The problem is to many of us fear fighting back because of the repercussions of fighting back. This in itself puts us on the list of people that knuckle down to the government bully which opens the door to abuse. We need to become the army of Davids that eliminates the Goliath within our Government.

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