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Government can't help, so get mad, weep, and move on

The statistics continue to show that unemployment is rising still. It certainly isn't getting any better. The numbers show that the majority of job gains were in Government, Education and Health Services, Other Services, and Leisure and Hospitality categories. Jobs were lost in the Manufacturing, Financial Activities and Information categories.

If you look at the job gains, most of them show in the government sector. One of the reasons people in the past have worked in the government sector was for job security. Unfortunately, government positions and salaries have grown so large that it is going to be unsustainable. Government will have to cut back. This is already being seen at the local and state level.

In my last several articles, I've pointed out how government can't, and won't, solve the unemployment issues with their current policies. Before those articles, I spent time sharing about how ultimately you are responsible for the success of your career or job search. You might be wondering why I'm beating up so much on the government, and pushing folks to accept personal responsibility and go get the job they love. My purpose in being so blunt is to shock some of you into action. Others are just happy to hear the truth thrown out there. Regardless, I really do want you to succeed.

How can you succeed? Start off by defining your skills and abilities, values, dreams, and passions. Then, determine how to integrate them with your personality tendencies. Your skills and abilities are important in helping you get noticed for an opening, but even more important are your "soft" skills. These skills are how you relate to others. Whether you decide to work for yourself or for "the man", you must be able to relate to others.

The bottom line is, only you can find work in a field you love. The government can't help in spite of spreading money around. If you've not lost your job, you will at some point. Those are just the odds. If you have lost your job, I'm sorry. I understand all too well what you're feeling. The best thing to do is take 5 - 10 minutes being mad about it, then move on. You can make this the best opportunity of your life if you'll commit to it.


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