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Govern? Who, us?

Don't ask me!
Don't ask me!
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

It has been noted in this space before that the reason Republicans dislike government so much is that they’re so bad at it. The evidence is copious. Despite their alleged devotion to fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, the last three Republican Presidents have racked up massive deficits. We have been led into unnecessary wars in Granada, Panama, Kuwait and Iraq and one necessary war in Afghanistan that was bungled for more than ten years until it was barely winnable. A fairly sad record for one of our allegedly responsible political parties.

Now, though, they seem to have found a solution to this problem. They’ve decided they won’t govern, at all. Not only won’t they govern, they won’t even go through the motions. They’ll just sit back and blame President Obama for not accomplishing anything, never once noting that they themselves aren’t even trying to accomplish anything.

The most recent example of this came late last week when Speaker of the House John Boehner said that he didn’t see the House passing an immigration bill this year. For this he, as usual, blamed President Obama, claiming that his members couldn’t trust the current administration to properly enforce any law Congress passes. The truth, though, is that his members can’t be trusted with the vote and any bill they pass is liable to be a joke.

So nothing will be done this year on immigration…an issue of far more importance to the R’s than anyone else. Democrats, after all, hold more than 70% of the Latino vote…and will continue to so long as the R’s either ignore or are outright hostile on this issue. Nor, apparently, will anything be done about climate change or any other environmental issues, since a majority of Mr. Boehner’s caucus considers the possibility of climax change a hoax…this with blizzard after blizzard slamming the East Coast and the South covered with a sheet of ice they haven’t a clue how to deal with.

No, nothing will be done about anything. The House will continue to pass anti-abortion legislation, trying to take away reproductive rights from half the population…continuing to fuel a war on women they refuse to admit exists. There will be no extension of unemployment, no increase in the minimum wage. Wage parity for women won’t even make it to the table.

In the meanwhile, President Obama will continue to govern. And he will continue to be vilified and threatened with impeachment by a right wing that, because they can’t govern, don’t want anyone else to.

It’s an election year, folks. We can do something about this mess. Why don’t we?

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