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How government fakes can lead to identity theft

Don't fall for fake government emails or letters!
Don't fall for fake government emails or letters!
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Did you receive a phone call, letter or email from a supposed government agency claiming you won money? According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Hispanics have been targeted by scam artists pretending to be from the government. These scammers send letters, emails or make phone calls claiming you won money in the form of a government grant; but only if you wire them money first.

When it comes to government impostor scams, the FTC found that Spanish speakers are the main target of this type of scam. Sadly many people in Santa Ana and elsewhere who only speak Spanish may not know the laws or how the government truly works. When it comes to identity theft, the more you know the better protected you will be, so remember according to the FTC, the government will never call you.

If you or someone you know in Santa Ana has been the victim of a government impostor scam, for tips on how to get your money back and to file a complaint contact the FTC at

If you live in Santa Ana or elsewhere and you have friends and family who speak Spanish, forward them a free copy of the FTC's new pocket sized booklet called Impostores del Gobiemo which tells the story of a woman who falls for the government impostor scam. To order as many free booklets for your friends, family or Spanish heritage event, visit the FTC to place your order at

When it comes to identity theft and scams, you can never be too careful, so be sure to forward this article to your Spanish speaking friends and family to help raise awareness against identity theft and government impostor scams. As always thank you for your visit today. Please be sure to subscribe for future updates on how to protect yourself from identity theft.


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