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Gov. Spitzer tells the truth... pondering a political resurrection?

Fmr. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
Fmr. Gov. Eliot Spitzer

Former Governor of New York Eliot Sptizer has resurfaced recently and made several appearances on cable programs such as The Dylan Ratigan Show and The Colbert Report.

Spitzer has been an outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s failure to properly regulate the big banks in order to prevent another great economic crisis. While on the Colbert Report this past week, Gov. Sptizer stated that the financial sector is being rebuilt in exactly the same manner that made the first collapse possible. He went on to say that nothing has been done to correct the issues with systemic risk in the financial sector. In fact, Spitzer continued that the very same banks that took billions of dollars from the American taxpayers and gambled it away with hopes of big profits, are at it again, and very little has changed. The only difference now is that these banks are backed by the federal government.

With all of his recent appearances, political pundits have begun to gossip about a potential comeback for Spitzer. He has name recognition in New York from having served as Attorney General and Governor, but some say his scandal has left his too damaged to ever return to politics. While on the Colbert Report he dodged a question about his return only stating that "there is a certain virtue about being able to tell the absolute truth and being able to stick it to people." Could this be his future campaign slogan? Lloyd Grove from the Daily Beast report that Sptizer has been speaking with friends about a possible run for U.S. Senate or New York Comptroller. He goes on to say that his sources tell him that Spitzer is not ready to return to private life just yet.

Whatever he decides to do, Spitzer needs to make sure that his complaints are heard, because if only half of what he says is true about our economy, then we are all in for a scary 2010.


  • Sara 5 years ago

    I don't think the people of New York would elect him again... especially following his public hypocrisy. Even if he's right about the path we are on economically, I don't believe that insight is enough to regain his political capitol...

  • David 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, the source of these truths has been damaged. Consequently, people will attack the messenger and ignore the message. What a shame!

  • Gus 5 years ago

    Spitzer realizes it's much easier (and safer) to sling mud from the sidelines. I doubt he jumps back in anytime soon. At least not until the mea culpa tour is completed - or until Tiger wins the Grand Slam.

  • Morris 5 years ago

    A sex scandal and slamming Obama's ecomonic policies...all he needs to do now is support torture and he can get a job as a Fox News analyst.

  • Nino 5 years ago

    To be frank, I'd like to see a little more about Spitzer's credentials as an economist. He was a fine critic and prosecutor of large corporations in his capacity as an attorney, but he has since fashioned himself as something of an economist; I'm just not sure that's where his expertise lies.

  • Bill 5 years ago

    He has served his time and shown his colors, there is no need for a 2nd chance in government.....

  • Wss25 5 years ago

    His sex scandal was pay back for an article he wrote that was critical of the Bush administration. He is a good person to have in office. His personal life is none of our collective business.

  • Ellen 5 years ago

    He will not resurrect past his scandal in politics, however his points regarding our banking system just reiterate the concern we should all have.

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