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Gov. shutdown finds EPA non-essential

Paul Taylor

The U.S. Government budget impasse impacts beginning Oct. 1st have idled 800,000 federal workers, and left another 1.3 million contract government workers unpaid until the government budget is settled. Some fifteen government departments and top agencies have been deemed “non-essential.” Non-essential is a somewhat ambiguous term meaning other than the government’s basic constitutionally-required services as determined by the Executive Branch.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been designated as a non-essential government service agency. EPA is impacted more than most other “non-essentials,” and is operating with under 7 percent of its 16,205 employees since Oct 1st. (The Economist, Oct. 5, 2013)

Several major Obama-driven environmental regulatory initiatives will be at best delayed: Obama's climate action plan, September’s new coal-fired emissions standards for new power plants, EPA's new wider reaching proposal to regulate carbon emissions from existing electric power plants, and new EPA proposals for U.S. biofuel use requirements. (Reuters, Sept. 30, 2013)

EPA is a forty-years-old, mature and well funded government institution. EPA should be roundly credited for embedding eco-awareness in public life, and implementing science-based regulatory controls that now comprehensively protect our lives and the natural environment. But, the environmentalism that enabled today’s EPA policy prominence became corrupted early in the 21th Century as partisan political agendas crowded out cost-benefit standards in environmental policy making.

All things “green” cost more, and there are no “renewable” substitutes for proven and abundant fossil and nuclear fuel sources. Insufferable political elites still cling to the 20th-century eco-propaganda of the truly “non-essential” U.N., Al Gore and radical eco-group fundraisers. Their pathetic fear mongering cries for job-killing climate change regulations are based upon a thin tissue of green lies and rank speculation to legitimize global warming that has not occurred and cannot be accurately predicted.

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