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Gov. Scott Walker wants Mexican Consulate in Wisconsin

Dave Gorak

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to make life easier for Mexicans living illegally in America's Dairyland.

But he'll never say that publicly; here is his official reason for wanting the corrupt Mexican government to further stick its nose in the business of how Americans run their country:

"Wisconsin's Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the state and is now estimated by the Census Bureau to be 6.2%, or 355,468 residents in 2012," Walker said, adding that Mexico is Wisconsin's second largest export market.

Then the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Georgia Pabst chimes in with, "Consulates serve nationals with issues of identification, passports, visas, travel and aid in trade relationships."

Sure they do. And what more of them, not just Mexico's, have been doing in recent years is issuing their consular ID cards to their citizens here illegally. This gives them a certain degree of legitimacy that is supposed to make the rest of us comfortable with the idea that disrespecting our immigration laws sovereignty is OK.

Mexico's ID is called the matricula consular that the FBI said a decade ago was "unreliable" but is now widely accepted by banks and recognized by law enforcement officials. Under the current arrangement, Wisconsin's illegal aliens must wait up to two months to receive their matricula from the Chicago Mexican Consulate.

Living in the shadows, as our media nearly every day reminds us, can be very harsh.

In short, the matricula allows Mexicans living here illegally to move more freely within our borders, something still hard to believe a dozen years after 9/11. Foreigners here legally don't need such ID cards because they hold documents issued by our federal government. That's right, the same federal government that permits 7 million illegals to remain in our workforce while 20 million Americans can't find full-time employment.

Air-headed American politicians, various elected public officials and one-dimensional journalists parrot the argument that it's important to "know who these people are." Don't bet on it. Numerous news stories over the years have noted that illegals arrested for whatever reason were found to be carrying multiple matriculas with the same photo but different names.

Before I forget, how do you like my matricula shown above? Psssssst! I have another but with a different name and address.

You can get your very own matricula by simply tracking down any of the numerous ID counterfeiters around the country. It's very easy to do.

Nice going, Mr. Walker. You're just one more silly Republican who thinks he can "out-immigrant" the Democrats when it comes to what Rep. Paul Ryan (R-1st) calls helping illegal aliens "to get right with the law."

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