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Gov. Sarah Palin resigns: the latest episode in her ongoing soap opera

In a shocking and interestingly timed speech, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced that she will be resigning from her position effective July 26. Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will take over as Alaska’s Chief Executive.

A mere 16 hours ago, I posted an article that discussed the never ending soap opera that is the life of Mrs. Palin. When writing this piece, I had zero idea that this bombshell announcement would serve as the next episode in this ongoing drama.

While it is no surprise that she will not be running for a second term as governor, the shocker is that she will not even complete her first term in office.

"Once I decided not to run for re-election, I also felt that to embrace the conventional ‘lame duck' status in this particular climate would just be another dose of 'politics as usual,' something I campaigned against and will always oppose," explained Palin.
There are so many interesting variables to this announcement. 
First is the decision to break the news on the first day of a holiday weekend, when the media and most citizens are not paying full attention.  Palin obviously did not want this to be a widely talked about story, because if she did, she would not have made this announcement today. Today is a weekend day because of tomorrow’s holiday and because many offices are closed. Ask any communications professional, major announcements are never made on a weekend.  Unless it takes place on a Sunday morning talk show.
Second, it is clear that Palin has outgrown far away Alaska and she is worried that her lack of concern for her current job has affected her popularity. Palin’s poll numbers within the state have dropped by more than 30 points since 2008. She cannot afford for these numbers to drop any further. It is very difficult for a politician to be successful nationally if they are unpopular in their home state.
Third, Palin will now become a strictly national figure, as opposed to a national figure based in Alaska. Realtors in Des Moines should be on the lookout for a phone call from the Palins seeking a place to live. She will almost certainly set up shop in an early 2012 primary/caucus state. Demographically, Iowa fits the bill better than New Hampshire or South Carolina. The good people of Iowa should get used to the appearance of the Palin family at Hawkeye football games and other community events.
The risks involved with her decision are ample. 
Palin runs the risk of looking as if she abandoned her job and the people of Alaska. Also, she will now be a full-time presidential candidate two and half years before the first balloting in the GOP nominating process takes place. This very long period of time allows for the greater opportunity of a rhetorical misstep and for a political scandal to present itself.
Former Governors Mitt Romney (MA) and Mike Huckabee (AK) and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will also be full-time candidates over this same period of time. The difference between these individuals and Palin is that they all served at least one full term in office. One would think that this will be a major point of contention against Palin.
It seems pretty obvious that Palin is trying to follow in the footsteps of President Obama. She has witnessed a young, previously unknown politician spring onto the scene and parlay that popularity all the way to the White House.  Palin wants to be the Republican, female version of Mr. Obama. This is the new, long range scope of the Sarah Palin soap opera. 
As mentioned yesterday, expect another new episode of this continually evolving drama to premiere any day now.


  • Rob from Maple Grove 5 years ago

    This is great news for Dems - the more Palin serves as the mouthpiece for the party, the better 2010 and 2012 will be. She'll poll well in red states and will draw large crowds while campaigning for Republicans in Texas and Alabama and Oklahoma, but the states in play in 2012 will resist her and the blue states will laugh at her. But more than anything, her early involvement in 2012 will make the primary a blast to watch. It will be cut throat and dirty - Mitt plays dirty, TPaw has shown the willingness to mix it up and certainly Palin will play way she comes out of the 2012 primary in good shape. And if she does, all the better...

    That's all I got from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the Land of 2 senators at last! Go Klobuchar and Franken!

  • Beth 5 years ago

    We in Alaska have been disillusioned with her for a while, when she was elected it was not due to her expertise, but the fact her opponent was an ass. We Alaskan Democrats hope go home to Wasilla and stay there quietly, for good. By the way, real Alaskans don't sound as if we are from Minnesota, not that is a bad thing.

  • Rex 5 years ago

    What a biased article. Poor lady dropped 30 points in Alaska. Guess what... she has a higher favorability rating than 90% of the governors across American right now. She's near 65% versus her all time high of 89% (that no other governor ever obtained).

    Why does the liberal spin seem so boring anymore. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that they wouldn't hate her if she wasn't a threat. And a big threat. They are still promoting the lie that she said she could see Russia from her house. And since many of them lack education they buy it hook line and sinker.

    Here is a great fun thing to do with liberals. Tell them that Palin said we bought Alaska from Russia. That would cinch that Palin was a complete nut, right? LOL!

    And of course, that is what she DID say.

  • Philip 5 years ago

    "Palin wants to be the Republican, female version of Mr. Obama." Please Jon, don't insult a true American who speaks in truth and sincerety and with moral values to your clooney of mindless robots who believe America is better run if left to the government..."She has witnessed a young, previously unknown politician spring onto the scene and parlay that popularity all the way to the White House" Could you be anymore pitiful and kiss ass in your verbage. Let's call it like it is...Obama's popularity was directly related to media's fascination of a first black liberal president. Had he been so called young black conservative, you know very well he wouldn't have seen the same media popularity and we wouldn't now be listening to his socialist idiology propaganda he so loves. I would seriously doubt Sarah Palin has all but blimp second of thought about Obama and his political trail. If she chooses, her political campaign trail will be marked with substance and truth, not skin color and lies

  • Sean 5 years ago

    People, stop defending this woman. She is a crook. She will serve jail time for her criminal behavior in a federal prison.