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Gov. Rick Perry and President Obama immigration meeting photo goes viral

President Barack Obama enjoying his meeting with Gov. Rick Perry on July 9, 2014 while Perry isn't having such a good time.
President Barack Obama enjoying his meeting with Gov. Rick Perry on July 9, 2014 while Perry isn't having such a good time.
Twitter/ dougmillsnyt

Texas Gov. Rick Perry got his meeting with President Barack Obama after all. How well the meeting went is no so certain, according to a Twitter photo that has gone viral. Though President Obama said the meeting with Perry and others about the United States-Mexican border was constructive, the photo casts doubts that Perry would call the meeting’s outcome the same, according to Yahoo! News on Thursday.

In the photo, Obama has his notorious wide smile which he often casts at the most unusual times. Perry, known for a more serious look, outdoes himself in the photo by looking in a way that is extremely difficult to describe. Let’s just say that Perry is looking as unhappy as Obama is looking happy. Bottom line is that Obama was having a much better time on the governmental clock in Texas than Perry was having during the meeting and at the time the photo was snapped.

The photo posted on Twitter was posted by Doug Mills (@dougmillsnyt on the social media site) at 5:31 p.m. on Wednesday. The message with the tweet said: “President Obama shares a light moment Mayor Mike Rawlings, with Gov. Rick Perry at the end of the table.” Obviously, Perry didn’t appreciate the light moment between the two – or perhaps the light moment had to do with something that resulted in being at Perry’s expense.

The president’s take on the meeting was that there was not a whole lot of disagreement between himself and Perry. Of the roundtable discussion, as it has been referred to, Obama said that the only disagreement he had with the Texas governor was that Perry requested that Obama move forward with a plan to fix the immigration crisis without more funding coming from the United States Congress, according to The Wire. Others are now openly criticizing Obama for using federal funds at the border for the illegals as well, such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson who spoke out on Thursday and said the money is needed in American cities like Chicago where shootings and murders ran wild last weekend.

Prior to the meeting, Perry was very critical of Obama regarding the U.S. border crisis and criticized Obama mostly for coming to Texas for several fundraisers but not being willing to go to the border. Critics said that by not going to the border, it would be like Obama’s “Katrina moment” in reference to former President Bush not facing devastation during his presidency. Obama finally gave in, part-way, and at least agreed to meet with Perry – but he did not actually go to the border.

Perry insists that he warned the president two years ago about what is happening at the U.S. border with illegals entering as they have recently, according to CBS News. He says that children unaccompanied and entering the country is nothing new and something Obama chose not to respond to all along. Obama’s current response is that the United States plans to do the right thing by these children, but their parents need to know that this is a dangerous situation and their children will most likely not be able to stay in the U.S.

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