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Gov. Pat Quinn's bodyguard keeps Rauner tracker out of public event by force

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During a public event in Chicago, Gov. Pat Quinn’s bodyguard ordered a young man to stay out of a public event on public property. If you’re wondering how that works, actually, it shouldn’t work at all due to the gathering being a public gathering on public property. Yet, Quinn’s state bodyguard kept the young man who is working for Quinn’s gubernatorial opponent, Republican Bruce Rauner, out of the event, according to ABC News in Chicago on Wednesday. What's interesting is that another Rauner worker captured the entire incident on another recorder.

According to Rauner’s political campaign camp, the young man who was not allowed inside the event was there to record the event. That, asserts the Rauner campaign, is something that all candidates do up to an election and during a contentious campaign. Yet, Quinn’s people say that the Rauner camp deployed some eight campaign staffers to instigate trouble and disrupt the governor’s appearance.

Following the incident, it is still not known why an Illinois State police officer thought he had the right to keep the young man with the recording equipment away from the event. The Illinois State trooper appears to have targeted people who would provide Rauner and his campaign with recorded information about the Quinn event. Obviously, the trooper's job is to guard the governor and it is not necessarily his job to keep people from hearing what the governor has to say during a public appearance on public property.

The Quinn people claim that there were numerous “trackers” from the Rauner campaign. Trackers are people who follow a candidate to keep tabs on what they are saying – for the opposing candidate. It is nothing new in politics. Two of the Rauner trackers are masked and have attended Quinn events regularly.

While Rauner’s camp denies any wrongdoing, Quinn’s people complain that the Rauner people were photographed while trying to block Gov. Quinn’s state vehicle. Additionally, Rauner’s people say that they regularly let Quinn “trackers” into Rauner’s events. Quinn’s camp says that is not the case.

Chip Englander, Rauner’s campaign manager, stated that campaign videographers are commonplace, especially at public events on public property, according to Capitol Fax. He also said that the Rauner people treat the governor’s campaign videographers with respect and they expect nothing less from the governor. Englander accuses a member of Quinn’s taxpayer-funded security of verbally assaulting and physically removing a member of the Rauner team from a public event being held on public property. As a parting shot, Englander said, “The stress of multiple criminal investigations does not excuse the behavior of Gov. Quinn and his staff.”