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Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois reveals his 2013 taxes

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has released his federal and state tax returns’ figures for 2013, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Monday. His governor’s salary is listed as $161,962.98 for the year 2013. The governor reported a taxable refund amount of $1,508. Quinn’s income was, for the most part, from his salary for being the governor of the state.

The current Illinois governor paid $29,407.59 in federal income tax. In regard to his Illinois state income tax, he paid $7,782 in the year that passed. Quinn has a home on the West Side of Chicago of which he paid $3,229 in property taxes, also. Regarding his home in Chicago’s Galewood neighborhood on the West Side, the governor received a $161 property tax credit, according to his released tax refund’s data. Additionally, the specifics of his returns show that he donated $9,485 to charity in the past year, according to an NBC News report.

Regarding property taxes in the state of Illinois, Gov. Quinn would like to replace the property tax credit with an annual property tax rebate. The tax rebate would be $500 across the board for Illinois property owners. The tax rebate would be in exchange for making his 2011 temporary tax increase a permanent tax increase on Illinoisans. Recently, Quinn reneged on a promise to undo a temporary tax hike that he thrust on Illinoisans some three years ago.

To the dismay of many Illinois residents, Quinn said - when delivering a speech about his Illinois budget a couple of weeks ago – that he plans to continue taxing Illinoisans as they have been taxed. Basically, he did not do what he promised his constituents when he passed the unwelcomed tax law in 2011. It appears that Quinn’s taxation rules for Illinois are his doing, though he has made efforts to deflect the taxes that are now on the books.

Quinn’s run for governor in 2014 is against the Republican candidate Bruce Rauner. Rauner defeated all GOP competitors in November. The two Illinois politicians for the upcoming election have squabbled over unions and pension reform when they have met.