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Gov. Pat Quinn is Illinois' latest governor investigated for wrongdoing

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn
Huffington Post

With one former Illinois governor just beginning his 14-year term in prison and another former Illinois governor just leaving his multi-year stint in a prison, it’s coming as no big shock that Illinois’ current governor – Gov. Pat Quinn – is being investigated for wrong doing. Prosecutors from Cook County and the federal government have requested records from yet another Illinois state agency regarding possible shady dealings. These actions continue the ongoing investigation of Quinn's anti-violence grant program, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Friday.

Authorities in Illinois have received a Cook County grand jury subpoena for all of the records related to Gov. Pat Quinn’s Illinois Violence Prevention Authority. The authorities receiving the request for records came from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. The Authority inherited the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative sometime after problems came up with the program. Though a spokesperson for Quinn, Brooke Anderson, says the governor fully supports the inquiries as the governor claims he has zero tolerance for any mismanagement at any state agency, Quinn is deeper than knee-deep in the reason for the investigations in the first place.

Two years ago, Quinn’s gubernatorial office was made aware of concerns with the program. Reportedly, the governor’s office worked with the attorney general and lawmakers to see that the prevention authority was to be controlled by the criminal justice authority. Just recently, Quinn made extremely negative headlines regarding patronage hiring for governmental jobs in Illinois.

According to a Huffington Post report, Gov. Pat Quinn started the troubled anti-violence program in 2010. The program is also under scrutiny as part of a county state’s attorney probe. The Quinn-created agency was reportedly grossly mismanaged. However, exactly what the feds are looking for is not information known to the public as of yet.

All in all, the timing is terrible for Quinn to be under the spotlight for any negative allegations. Not only do Illinois politicians – Illinois governors, in particular – have a bad name, but Quinn is running for reelection at this time. The November election pits him against a very strong contender – businessman Bruce Rauner who is running as a Republican.

Chicago radio and television news broadcasts say that Quinn will be hitting all of the local major media news outlets this weekend. He is reportedly trying to do as much damage control as he possibly can under these serious allegations of mismanagement of a failed new agency of which the governor had previously boasted. Tne investigation into Quinn and his anti-violence program continues.

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