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Gov. Martin O'Malley says healthcare reform will save MD $1 billion



Gov. Martin O'Malley, wikipedia

Governor O’Malley claims the healthcare reform will save Maryland $1 billion over a 10 year period because the federal government will shoulder some of the costs that Maryland has paid in the past. O’Malley has made his claim of cost savings before he has even appointed a panel to study and make suggestions on implementation of the new healthcare mandates.

The Sunday partisan healthcare reform will be forced through by any means necessary, but even states with Democratic Governors have claimed state sovereignty over the federal mandaEvery state has mandatestes on the grounds that healthcare is NOT mentioned in the Constitution thereby granting the right for states to make individual decisions on the program’s acceptance or denial.

Governor O’Malley’s claims fly in the face of 35+ states poised to force lawsuits against the Federal Government’s partisan legislation on healthcare. Many states including Virginia under Governor Bob McDonnell have claimed that the new mandate threatens the fiscal future of their states. Virginia expects to lose $1 billion over 12 years according to McDonnell.

Governor O’Malley hasn’t been able to balance his budget without robbing from other areas of the budget of what he considers to be excess funds, and now makes this baseless claim. Every state has mandates of their own for health care, and Maryland is one of the highest with 66. Virginia on the other hand only has 60 (still high), and yet O’Malley makes claims of saving money while Virginia will see a net loss. Someone is not being truthful, and with 35+ states claiming the same future losses as Virginia, I would tend to side with McDonnell and not with O’Malley.

O’Malley has a past history of poor money management, both as a Mayor and now as the Governor, his past is hardly a glowing endorsement of the future of the State of Maryland, or his personal judgment.



  • JM 5 years ago

    This guy will do anything to make himself look good at the expense of the ignorant. Also a good attempt at kissing butt again.

  • Welcome to the USSA 5 years ago

    Hello Governor Alice!

  • herb 5 years ago

    Add this claim to the fact that Martin spent $200,000 last year on bottled's crazy, as if nobody ever watches the money

  • Richard 5 years ago

    With any luck, O'Malley will be expelled from the Governor's Office this Fall. He has a great place where he COULD save some money, the MSP ballistics lab, you know the one where they have all the spent cartridges from handguns sold in Maryland over the last 8 years or so? They spend millions every year with NO return on that 'investment'.

  • cary in catonsville 5 years ago

    How about if he stops buying property we can't afford?

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Sounds like O'Malley's been nipping at the Bushmills again. How he can make such ridiculous statements with a straight face is beyond me.

  • scoopnewsworthy 5 years ago

    When that guy went to Washington to watch the signing of the bill I knew he was kissing butt again. He bases his budget on how much he can get from the GOVERNMENT instead of making sound fiscal decisions. One for example building a new state office complex that is expected to cost well over 12 billion dollars. You think we are 2 billion in the hole now. He will be like our former govenor Spendening and really put Mder's behind the eight ball in the budget. The Treasure, Comptroller, Attorney General all need to be voted out of office they are nothing more than O'Malley rubber stamps on law and purchasing in the BPW from the peoples republic of Montgomery County. Come on down suckers and watch your money go behind door number one, two or three. The AG changes laws at the drop of a hat if he thought it would keep him in good with the Status quo. I bet the billion dollar deficit will disappear before the election and reappear if Martin is reelected. The OBM and Comptroller will coverup.

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