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Gov. Jindal offers some long awaited news concerning common core in Louisiana

Gov. Jindal may have a way around common core in Louisiana.
Gov. Jindal may have a way around common core in Louisiana.
Spring Lee

Alexandria, La- Gov. Jindal offers some long awaited news concerning common core in Louisiana Common core has been weighing on the hearts and minds of a lot of Alexandria parents. As a matter of fact, it has been a very tense issue throughout much of the country. However, some long awaited news has just been released saying that Jindal plans to eliminate Louisiana common core standards.

The news has set off a “political scramble.”

Since Wednesday there has been a political tug of war taking place over this controversial issue. Jindal has no intention of backing down from his standpoint that common core is in fact hurting Louisiana’s students. The public school systems are confused, because school starts in august and they have no active contracts to enable them to purchase standardized tests for the 2014/15 school year.

The news broke in a midday conference when Jindal ask the state Board of Elementary and the Secondary Education and Legislature to get together and create a Louisiana test and Louisiana standards that can replace the common core tests and common core standards. Common Core has literally been the largest educational change in the country’s recent history.

Jindal is not the only one standing firm. Louisiana’s top two officials are refusing to budge. Board President Chas Roemer and Education Superintendent White simply dismissed Jindal and his common core decision saying it was meaningless and dramatic. The official’s say Common Core in Louisiana will carry on as normal as well as all associated standards and tests.

Roemer says that, “The laws don't support his position, but the laws do support our position." White and Roemer say Jindal was in support of Common Core until he began thinking of running for president, and all he has created is confusion for schools, students and parents with this senseless standoff.

Jindal now says that Common Core is a “federal takeover of public education.” He hopes to do away with Common Core in Louisiana and prevent the Education Department from obtaining common core tests for Louisiana schools. Jindal has already contacted the National Governors Association to let them know that he would be taking Louisiana off of the group list for Common Core Development. Though it does nothing to actually end the Common Core Standards, it does show that he is ready to take action.

The only problem is that in order to get rid of the Common Core testing and standards altogether, Jindal will need support of the schools board and Legislation. He is facing an uphill battle, but for those who have been fighting to end common core in Louisiana this is wonderful news.
You can follow this link to read the governor's letter and executive order.

If Jindal is successful in eliminating Common Core Louisiana will be the 4th of 46 Common Core stated to stop using it. Though Jindal was a staunch supporter, he says he has heard the voices of the people and it is obvious that Common Core is not only not helping, but it is hurting, Louisiana’s children academically.

Jindal stated, "The federal government would like to assert control of our educational system,” and he went on to say, “we're very alarmed about choice and local control of curriculum being taken away." "We can have rigor; we can have high standards in Louisiana, and we can do it without the federal overreach.” says Jindal. He went on to announce that "We're doing what is right for our kids, not because someone outside our borders thought it was a good idea.”

Jindal says that he is aware of the fact that Louisiana’s children test scores are mediocre testers at best when compared to international standards, and he remains committed to improving education in Louisiana.

What do you think of Gov. Jindal's sudden change of position, and his decision to end Common Core in Louisiana?

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