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Gov. Granholm on YouTube reveals Michigan's need for accessible broadband

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is on YouTube encouraging broadband accessibility and the role it plays in both state and national economic recovery. In a short web clip (posted by simase), Gov. Granholm emphasizes the significance of securing electronic resources to better the lives and communities of Michiganders.

Gov. Granholm reveals, "I believe the time is right for Michigan to focus its efforts on bringing broadband accessibility to all MI residents. The success of this endeavor will truly depend on wide participation and collaboration among libraries, schools, and local government officials, business people and community leaders." Granholm also states that accessible statewide broadband access is the key to future success. She remains encouraged by the continued commitment of the aforementioned sectors.

In addition to the following web clip, and as part of her own community building efforts through Twitter (@govgranholm) and Facebook, Michigan residents with Internet access and free social media accounts can receive current news and greater access to state information through frequent post updates.


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