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Gov. Dayton's MNsure folly

There's no question that the MNsure rollout was a disaster. Between April Todd-Malmlov's 2 week vacation in Costa Rica while the system was melting down to security issues being exposed to the legislative auditor saying that there wasn't a system in place at the MNsure office, things got off to a difficult start.

That's before talking about the long wait times that potential customers were subjected to. That's before talking about the ads featuring Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe, which were a marketing disaster. That's before talking about the DFL's nonexistent oversight, especially after GOP legislators highlighted security and management issues.

When news broke about Malmlov's vacation, Gov. Dayton had no choice but to terminate her. Officially, Ms. Todd-Malmlov resigned. Still, the handwriting was on the wall.

When Gov. Dayton replaced Ms. Todd-Malmlov with Scott Leitz, things started to improve. Many of you are asking 'How could things get worse'? That's a fair point. Still, Leitz hasn't turned things around. Things are still a disaster:

A high level roadmap was created to outline the major activities, key dependencies, critical milestones and success criteria/assumptions for the State to consider in closing as many of these 41 gaps as possible by November, 2014. It should be noted that the roadmap does not imply that all 41 levels of functionality can be achieved by systemic changes but provides a framework for the State can manage the activities needed and the timeframes that must be met in order to deliver the functionality or resort to contingent options.

Minnesota spent $160,000,000 building the website. This AP article is damaging to the Dayton administration's 'competence credibility':

“I wish we could tell you today that it’s all on track, it’s all going to be delivered systematically by November 15th. However, from experience, I think it would be poor of us to start planning that all of this would be delivered systematically. There will be a heavy reliance on manual intervention,” Keane said.

The drop in the number of uninsured is because the MNsure board hired tons office staff to fill out applications, then manually input that information into the system. Spending $160,000,000 on a website that malfunctions more than it functions isn't something that Gov. Dayton should brag about.

Spending $160,000,000 on a website that hasn't gotten fixed 2 years after it was required by law to be working isn't just a glitch. It's a disaster.

If Gov. Dayton thinks it's successful to rely on manual backups to process applications, he's set the bar for success far too low. If this happened in the private sector, the CEO and the board of directors would've been fired within minutes. Instead, Gov. Dayton and Scott Leitz are still in place.

If Gov. Dayton won't get things straightened out, then voters should fire him this November. Minnesota can't afford Gov. Dayton's incompetence.

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