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Gov. Daniels: We must begin to honor the parents of Indiana

In Gov. Mitch Daniels' State of the State (Indiana) speech last Wednesday, he honored parents by trusting their choices.

Indianapolis skyline
Indianapolis skyline
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Mitch Daniels at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
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"...we must begin to honor the parents of Indiana. We must trust them, and respect them enough, to decide when, where, and how their children can receive the best education, and therefore the best chance in life."

Other goals he included in his speech with regard to education included:

  • Allowing high school students to complete high school in eleven years and give the money that would have been spent their senior year to further their education.
  • Allowing families to choose public schools outside the districts they reside in, tuition-free.
  • More charter schools
  • Widening parents' options to enable the vast majority of children to attend the school of their choice by allowing low-income families to apply for dollars that the state spends on their child to the non-government school of their choice.

Gov. Daniels: "It is about the civil right, the human right, of every Indiana family to make decisions for its children. It's about the right of all Hoosier children to realize their full potential in life. Will you join me in saying, the waiting is over, change has come, and Indiana intends to lead it?"

There was nothing in his speech to indicate whether or not dollars would be given to homeschool families who choose to educate their children at home. Time will tell if this choice, with the support of funds, will be included for Hoosiers, too.

See full text of speech here.


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