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Gov. Crist to run as an independent in FL senate race

Rumor has it  that Gov. Charlie Crist is considering leaving the Republican party, to run for the US senate as an independent.  The news isn't that shocking since Crist has lost the 20 point lead he once had against primary opponent Marco Rubio last year.  In the most recent polls Rubio is leading Crist by double digits.  As a result some highly placed sources are pointing to Sen. Joe Lieberman's similar move during his reelection campaign in 2006, where he left the Democratic party and successfully won reelection as an independent.  This once safe republican seat just might be a toss up if the conservatives continue to fight each other.


  • A Reader 5 years ago

    You mis-spelled the Governor's name in your title. Might want to edit that.

  • David 5 years ago

    I was not the biggest supporter of Gov. Crist and for that matter Jeb Bush. But Frankly, those two have been very good to Florida and YES... they are both Republicans. and YES I did say Bush (JEB Bush that is!).
    I hope he runs as an indi, he will probably win and beat any democrat. Rubio will have no chance to win if Crist runs as an indi.
    So lets see... Crist runs as indi, Rubio has no way of winning, and a Democrat actually has a chance to win the Governor's Race in Florida!!! Not bad.
    Republicans better start kissing some Crist butt in a hurry.

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