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Gov. Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge: Is it just petty politics?

According to a Jan. 12 article on the Chicago Tribune, New Jersey's Transportation Committee is still probing Gov. Chris Christie's administration's involvement in the scandal involving the George Washington Bridge. The facts have not led to the governor's desk yet, but there are still documents that need to be examined. What Christie knew and when he knew it is certainly an appropriate area to be examined, but there is a much more important fact about "Bridgegate" that needs to be nailed down.

Was the traffic debaucle on the George Washington Bridge just mere petty politics?

There has been an almost constant banter on political talk shows discussing the attention being paid to “petty party politics.” Many have mentioned the lack of investigation into many government scandals that seemed to lead to the White House but were never brought to a closure. This is certainly true; there are many recent scandals that have been left to dangle in the left-blowing winds of the media such as Benghazi. New Jersey is faced with a scandal involving a bridge being closed to punish a political opponent, a mayor who did not support the governor.

Whether these two cases are apples and oranges or apples and apples, it is important to understand that purposely causing a serious traffic jam on the busiest bridge in the country for four days is very serious business. It is NOT just mere political “rat mucking” such as ordering pizzas in the opposition party’s name. There is a very heavy criminal penalty for obstructing interstate traffic, regardless of who you are.

The thought that several state authorities were politically entrenched to the point of purposely causing this is untenable. How many ambulances were stuck in this traffic jam? How many cars were headed to an emergency room? How many people were waiting at hospitals for a surgeon to arrive who was detained on the bridge? How many other vital, life-or-death products and services were not provided because of someone stuck on this bridge?

How many people lost jobs for being late for work for the last time? How many people missed flights? In reality, it is mind-blowing to try to imagine how many dollars this four days cost many segments of society in the most populated area of the country?

Whether Gov. Christie is involved or not, this “Bridgegate” issue should not be stamped as “petty politics” and brushed aside until there are people held accountable for this crime.

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