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Gourmet French food from chef Jean Christophe at a L.A. farmers market near you

Chef Jean Christophe at Brentwood Farmers Market.
Chef Jean Christophe at Brentwood Farmers Market.

If you ever wondered if there is French takeout food in L.A., the answer is yes.

Private Chef Jean Christophe “J.C.” Dupire sells frozen gourmet French meals, under the name of Saveurs, in four farmers' markets around LA on weekends: La Canada, Glendale, Brentwood and Larchmont Village.

His ready-to-heat gourmet meals are made with fresh produce from local markets and premium imported products. You will be happy to discover carefully prepared and hard to find traditional dishes like earthy Cassoulet, rich and creamy Blanquette de Veau, delicious Rillettes, as well as Patés en Croute, Crepes, and fantastic sweets such as Profiteroles and Tarte Tatin, among dozens of authentic French dishes. As you would expect from someone who sells at the Los Angeles Certified Farmers' Markets, JC believes in cooking healthy food using fresh and locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. He masters the art of combining fresh herbs and local produce to create a marvelous palette of aromas and flavors. All items are freshly prepared, hand-packaged, then frozen and ready to heat and eat!

French Chef and Sommelier, Jean Christophe has been working in the restaurant industry for over fifteen years.

In his website Saveurs you can learn that he is a native of Lille, France, and he received his degree in cooking, wine expertise and restaurant management from the Michel Servet Culinary School. Then started his own “Tour De France”, working at many distinguished restaurants. In 1999 he moved to California to serve as both manager and Sommelier for the opening of Lilly’s in Venice. One year later, the restaurant was awarded the “2000 Audience Winner” for “Best French Restaurant”.

In 2004, J.C. created Saveurs, a French-inspired culinary adventure.

Next time you crave for some French food, you just have to go to the Farmers' Markets and stop by JC’s stand. It is like a foodie dream come true. You’ll soon find yourself having a great conversation with him and other like-minded people about good food, wine pairing, secret ingredients, and you might even learn a few French words!

For more information: Visit chef's  Jean Christophe Dupire  website or come see him at these Farmers' Markets:

Every Saturday
La Canada Flintridge

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Glendale/The Americana
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Every Sunday

9:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Larchmont Village
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM