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Gourmet burgers satisfy hearty appetites at Big Chef Burgers

Big Chef Burgers highlights gourmet burgers
Big Chef Burgers highlights gourmet burgers
Cristine Struble

For some, a hamburger is a juicy, balanced bite that satisfies all the flavor profiles. From the expertly cooked beef to the carefully chosen topping, each morsel should appease the palate. While traditional toppings offer a tasty classic, the inventive flavor combinations bring guests back for more. Big Chef Burgers in Schaumburg offers gourmet burgers that will satisfy burger the lover.

Big Chef Burgers, Italian Burger
Cristine Struble

Big Chef Burgers offers a wide variety of gourmet burgers. Each burger is made from a full half-pound of fresh 75% lean ground hormone-free Angus beef. Guests can choose their choice of bun-regular, pretzel, or onion-and each burger comes with a generous side, choice of fresh cut French fries, fresh cut sweet potato fries, fresh cut homemade potato chips, onion rings, mashed potatoes or cole slaw.

While all the burgers are delicious, two menu highlights are the Italian burger and the Paradise Burger. The Italian Burger offers fresh buffalo mozzarella, arugula, sun dried tomatoes and onions. The combination on the burger brings the flavors of Italian cuisine without over powering the flavor of the juicy hamburger.

Another favorite menu item is the Paradise burger. This burger features Angus beef burger with grilled shrimp, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, tarragon mayo. The beautifully seasoned shrimp bring sweetness to the savory burger. This burger is a great variation on a surf and turf dish.

If you aren't craving a burger, Big Chef Burgers serves Neapolitan pizzas from the Italian wood-fired brick oven. These 12 inch pizza feature fresh ingredients. The crispy pizzas highlight classic Italian flavors like margarita pizza, quattro formaggi, and prosciutto.

With all the savory items, desserts are equally tempting. Options like the creme brulee and the panna cotta are the perfect way to end the meal. For the more adventurous, the adult milkshakes are an unique twist. Milkshakes are made with delicious gelato to make a more decadent drink.

Big Chef Burgers is owned and operated by Chef Cristiano Bassani. The Italian born and raised big chef, (he stands tall at 6'6"), brings his love of food into a causal setting."I've been living in the Chicago area for many years, and I've always had the desire to open a great burger or pizza joint in the northwest suburbs that raises the bar," says Italian-born and raised Bassani. "Big Chef Burgers is going to be the best of both worlds and, clearly, a cut above the rest. We're offering full-sit down service and great reasonably-priced food that's locally sourced. The menu includes artisan Neapolitan pizza made in our large wood-fired brick oven. We also will serve some tasty fresh salads. An added treat will be our homemade gelato-based malts and milkshakes, not to mention the desserts which are chosen from among my most popular. The mood is very casual and homey, with a simple touch of style and sophistication. I'm confident everyone will have a great time and a great meal."

Big Chef Burgers is located at 1602 E. Algonquin Road in Schaumburg, Illinois. Big Chef Burgers is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. visit the website at .