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Gotta Have It, Spring 2014: Cool Gets For The Outdoors

Ok, so we’ve still got snow on the ground in places. They’re still ice fishing on some lakes up north. Your boat’s all ready for the start of the soft-water season, with nowhere to go because it's still too cold.

Proximo's cool apps will help you find your phone every time.

Take heart. Spring’s teasing will eventually give in to long-term warmth, at least we hope. And to get ready for that eventuality, here are some neat products you’ve got to have for this summer.

Backyard Skeeter Chaser
Are you ready for mosquito season? Record moisture from both snowmelt and spring rains across parts of the country—sorry, California—may also mean a record mosquito season, especially combined with the on-going catastrophic bat die-off from white-nose syndrome. Bats eat up to 5,000 skeeters each summer night. Time to up your defenses, and the folks at ThermaCELL will help.
ThermaCELL promises its new backyard flameless torch, built tiki-style, provides a 15-by-15-foot mosquito free zone, and can be used as a torch or lantern. From two to nearly five feet high, for up to 12 hours. It also is a light, operating on four AAA batteries.

Where’s My Phone? Where Are My Keys? Find Them With Proximo
Ever misplace your cell phone? Even for a minute or two? Nah, not me, and not you either, Yeah, right. One in eight American moms say they lose their smartphone often. Men? Who knows, as they won’t admit it. Keys? That’s another issue Here’s the answer. For both, or more
Because they’re always on, Proximo’s Bluetooth tracker key fob and tag phone tracker let you know where they and up to four other items are with a push of a button. Put one on your dog’s collar, and if they’re runners, you can find them
Download the app, attach the fob to your keys and it’ll alert you if they get left somewhere via free phone app. It will show you on a map where they were last seen, and a proximity meter shows you how close you are. And if you lose your pone, it’ll do the same for it through the fob. Proximo is by Kensington products, makers of everything from keyboards to accessories.

Strong to the Finn-ish
Anglers in the Upper Peninsula and swear by’em in the Upper Peninsula. And elsewhere. They’re Finn Spoons, made since 1954 by the Muscoe family, one of many Michigan businesses built around the Great lakes trolling.
These spoons are used extensively across northern Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and you can find them either at retail locations from Manistee north or online.
Other great northern Michigan lure makers include RJ Lures, based in Houghton, and J and K Tackle, based in Cornell, near Escanaba. J and K’s are the best in-line trolling weights going and also sell ice fishing tackle under the Ice Darter name. Check out its crawler harnesses as well.

Load Your Beach Gear Aboard Lazee Move

Gong to the beach can be fun, but it can sometimes be a headache carrying all you need from the car to the sand. Enter Lazee Move, incorporating not only a beach chair, but a table, umbrella holder and a cart to handle the cooler, umbrella and everything else you need. A second model features a chair that’s higher to make entry and exit on the beach easier.

Fix ‘N Zip
Here’s an item that could come in handy on any trip, winter or summer, when a zipper suddenly fails, whether it’s on a ski jacket or a sleeping bag or tent. FixnZip zipper repair kits can be used on a wide range of items, from boat covers to handbags.

Rolling Camera Bags
LowePro makes camera bags from backpacks suitcase-size. It’s come up with a series of roller-type bags for photographers, both amateur and pro alike, who want maximum equipment protection and convenience of a bag you can fit in an aircraft overhead that will also handle your laptop.

Lightweight Backpack
Mountainsmith’s new multi-day backpack is for serious trailside campers. It features a separate sleeping bag compartment and lots of easy access panels and other spots to stash your gear and get to it easily. An innovative hop belt keeps your load distributed properly for maximum comfort on the trail.

AARP Travel
AARP is not only lobbying for 50-plus-year-olds. It’s now offering them travel help at a new website, AARP Travel. Tools at the website include travel planners and mapping, plus Trip Finder, a series of questions that help you find destinations that suit you best.

Dynamic Tape
Athletic tape often comes in handy, whether you’re on vacation or on the trail, and the four-way stretchable, breathable tape by Dynamic Tape is similar to that you’ve seen used at sporting events across the world. Because it stretches, it gives the user full range of motion while taping multi-joint muscles.

Cycle In Style
Here’s a unique piece of gear to add to your cycling for cool days or evenings. It’s the Oliver Spencer tailored cycling blazer. Wear a bright cycling vest over it, and you’ve got a coat that will fit in at just about any event you’d want to cycle to.


Having trouble with your golf swing? This little device promises to help. Attach Swingbyte to your club and it will send information to an app that will analyze your technique.

Fishy Reading

When some people can't fish, they'll read about fishing. And the new book, Incredible and True Fishing Stories, by Shaun Morey, is one you might want to delve into. The author has gathered stores from across the world about events involving recreational anglers, and sometimes, commercial catchers as well, accompanied by photos and links to videos on battles with fish, to some pretty strange fishing trips.

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