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Gothenstein high over Cambridge!

It was in November of 2012 when the Boston Film Industry Examiner was part of a day’s shoot for the movie Gothenstein. Gothenstein is the work of German Expressionsm devotee and guerrilla filmmaker John Hartman.

Gothenstein Cast
Gothenstein Cast

It was a minimalist session as there were only six of us in attendance. Other than John and myself, there was all around film guy, Lawrence Hollie assisting John. Playing Igor, my (i.e. Dr. Gothenstein’s) assistant was Michael Phelan O’Toole. Playing Gothenstein himself was an actor going by the name Dawn Nightshade. His “bride” was Aslahan Oryantal.

The day was fun and productive. We all worked well together. Sadly, I would not meet any other members of the cast.

Finally all the post-production work was done and it was time to see it. About a week ago I had the opportunity. A showing was scheduled at the home of Mi Ma and Caleb Huntington. The venue was a penthouse overlooking the academic Disneyworld of Cambridge Massachusetts. It was also a great view of the sunset.

The host and hostess could not have been more gracious. Unfortunately, the only member of the cast who I had worked with who could attend was Dawn. I did get to meet Jayne Costello Goode who was also in Gothenstein.

Lawrence Hollie has flown New England for a career in production on the Other Coast. I heard John is in the Carolinas attending to family matters.

Zee Zarbock, who works producing with John did come, but is moving up to Washington State. Without John and Zee, German Expressionism has not much going for it in the Bay State.

Finally it was time to watch Gothenstein. It was unmistakably a John Hartman production. Gothic with humor and darkness.

It was too soon over. With Zee on the way west and no knowledge of John returning, it may be the end of and era, sadly.

To learn more about John's work, go here.

on facebook, it's here.

Zee on imdb is here.

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