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Gotham Sleaze: Introducing Rave La Kill

New York City has always been an epicenter for great rock and roll bands full of attitude and filth. Because of the plethora of bands it can be a daunting task to keep up with which groups are on hiatus, in the studio, or taking a permanent break. The flip side to this is when a new band forms. That can be pure excitement.

Meet Rave La Kill, a Brooklyn band featuring Eric Jayk (Wildstreet) on vocals and guitar, Jason “J Bomb” Harrison (Sex Slaves) on drums, and Felix Skiver (Sick Mind) on guitar. They have just released their debut single “Born To Be”, a dirty guitar driven tune that mixes industrial sounds with wicked lyrics.

The song immediately hits hard and never lets up. The industrial techno back beat is definitely new ground for these rockers, but it works, creating a fused orgy of New York City rock and something you would want to actually listen to in a club. I’m looking forward to an accompanying video and more from this band soon!

Check out the new Rave La Kill website and their new single “Born To Be” available at iTunes.

(Note an earlier version had a wrong band member name and has been corrected.)

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