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Gotham Sleaze Flashback: White Zombie’s More Human Than Human

Based in New York City, White Zombie received a nomination for a Grammy Award for their 1995 heavy metal sounding Astro-Creep 2000 album. The band initially started off as noise rock band, but moved into a heavier, metal-type sound until they broke up in 1998. During their reign the band released several catchy singles and also a few memorable videos. “More Human Than Human” was the first big radio and video hit for the band.

Cue up the video and it doesn’t take long to realize two things, first, the band wanted to do a lot of random stuff and secondly, there was a tight budget. The video, filled with home videos and the band jamming in what appears to be a basement also incorporates a lot of dark imagery in the form of cemeteries and guys in masks or top hats. Cut to the band and you will notice a strobe light. Remember, this was the nineties and this was still accepted. Maybe no longer cool, but accepted nonetheless.

Random shots between the band jams include a pumpkin headed person, clowns and a robot casually strolling down the street. The name of this song could just as easily be named “Nightmares” and I don’t think anyone would notice. Sometime just after the three minute mark the video cuts to black and white. Did the band officially run out of money in the editing room and need to save five dollars here. I like to think so.

The video finishes with a dude on the street holding a sandwich board (like the ones Subway still uses) that says THE END IS NEAR. No, this song/video is not a pick-me-up, but is very White Zombie.

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