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'Gotham': David Mazouz talks playing young Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and more

One of Fox's new shows this fall is "Gotham," the origin story of the DC Comics super-villains and vigilantes, and at San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to sit down in the press room and get a few teases about what to expect. On Friday, Aug. 1, we uploaded our video interview from the roundtable with David Mazouz, who is playing the 12-year-old Bruce Wayne.

David Mazouz in the 'Gotham' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video interview above or here to see what Mazouz had to say about playing the young Bruce Wayne. Plus, keep reading for a few highlights about what to expect from Bruce and Jim Gordon and more.

"Bruce Wayne is an iconic role," Mazouz agreed and admitted that he probably wouldn't have left his family and friends and Los Angeles behind for any other role. "It's a big sacrifice, but it's worth it. I don't regret a thing. And also, it's not just playing an iconic role. It's such an interesting role to play. It's an amazing role to play for me because in the pilot episode, his parents die, and for any regular kid, if my parents were dead, I would be totally messed up and it's an amazing role to play because he's angry, he's lonely, he's scared, he's dark, he's impulsive, he's looking for any reason or any meaning to his parents' death."

It's at the crime scene of his parents' death that Bruce meets Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie. "As soon as I meet him, I learn that his dad also was killed before his eyes, so immediately we have a connection," Mazouz explained. "Immediately, Bruce Wayne trusts him and respects him, which is an amazing thing and just from the start they really are friends. Throughout the show you'll see why Batman chooses – when Bruce Wayne grows older, why he chooses Jim Gordon to be the cop that he trusts inside the police force in a corrupt city."

Check out the video interview for more from Mazouz, including about Bruce's relationship with Selina and the research he did for the role. "I don't think if I should be doing that much research," he shared, "because I'm not Batman. I'm Bruce Wayne, and it's my job in the show to show the audience how a rich boy who gets his parents killed goes from a rich boy who gets his parents killed to Batman."

"Gotham" premieres Monday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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