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‘Gotham Comedy Live’ hosted by ‘Craig Carton’ on AXS-TV

Boomer and Carton of WFAN Radio
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s AXS-TV episode of “Gotham Comedy Live,” host Craig Carton, who stars on WFAN radio on the morning show known to sports fans as “Boomer and Carton,” starring ex-NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason and radio personality and sports fan Craig Carton.

The lineup for this standup comedy show starred; Tim Krompier, Erin Foley, Mick Thomas and Steve White. Craig opened the show with a monologue talking about it being date night at the club. A couple were sitting right in front on their first date, and as expected, they were picked on by Craig. He told in detail how he used to prepare for dates with strippers and Hooter's girls before he met his wife and how he was not well-endowed in the penis department.

He told of a time he played golf with Boomer, Mets Hall of Famer John Franco and one of the greatest NY Giants linebackers of all time, Carl Banks. After the golfing, they took a steam bath together, and he had the towel tightly wrapped around him like a tourniquet; with no blood going to his legs. He rushed to the Jacuzzi to be the first one there, then it was time to go to the showers. He yelled to the other guys, there’s Mark Cuban, and hoping to get away as they all turned around, he leaped out of the Jacuzzi and slipped on his naked ass. He pulled both groin muscles, laid on the floor, with towels wrapped around him like a crime scene, and his wife was called to come and get him. Meanwhile, the other guys were out of the shower and feasting on the buffet, probably laughing at Craig’s small penis that he now could not hide.

Craig introduced Tim Krompier from MSG’s The Bracket. He recalled his growing up in the hood and being one of the only white kids in school. He formed his own all-white gang called The Victims.

Erin Foley talked about the differences between New York and Los Angeles; their juice cleanses and hot weather. How she loves the Giants and always wanted to be a wide receiver for them.

Mick Thomas was next, this Irish comedian who talked about being married and living in his parent’s basement. He wondered why in the U.S. people live in places where they will not even store Christmas ornaments? However, his parents watched the kids, so they could have a night out. After returning from the movies, they started to make love, and his wife told him to drive her like a rental car. The next morning, when he brought the kids back, he asked them to please turn off the baby monitor next time they go out!

Steve White was the last comedian; he appeared in five Spike Lee movies. He said how he was whiter than his opening acts. He has Enya and Adele's albums, and to top it off; he is a Jew. He spoke of how Harlem was no longer black, and how he wears his pants where they belong; above his waist. He cannot understand how kids wear their pants so low and guessed they were in plumber’s college or ghetto potato sack racers. He is super funny, and his jokes are hilarious.

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