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GotApparel Offers Basic Alternatives


  V-Neck Cotton Tee from GotApparel ($9.67)

Be it cement, underwear, illuminating primer, a plotline, tomato sauce, or olive oil… Foundations make or break any type of art or statement you attempt to create.

When it comes to dressing (your body), I find solace in basics. You know – the v-neck white tee, the zip hoodie, the spaghetti-strap tank. They give me a solid base to build upon, and therefore, their structural integrity is, well, integral.

Typically, as many do, I’ve a great distaste for American Apparel, so I go to independent brands like Spun, Alternative Apparel (either from their site, or Mapel); however, it’s hard to turn down a new source of basics when the word “wholesale” is involved.

Enter They have all brands ending in the name “Apparel” (including Alternative and, yes, American) at wholesale prices – which translates sometimes to $9 per garment.

When it comes to easy dressing with basics, the obvious strategy is layering. This means that you can go crazy with the sheer tops without worrying about being “indecent”. Then again, if you enjoy being indecent, these sheer gauze tanks will be your BFF.

Thankfully, GotApparel offers a bunch of organic options for our eco-friendly… friends. This top is also a-line, so it’ll give you that little bit of an oversized feel without swallowing you up.

A lot of people say that you can’t look chic in a basic hoodie. This is a lie. I will attempt to disprove that theory in future posts, perhaps!

I live in hoodies at home. Always paired with leggings.

I scoured their site for good leggings, but all they have are American Apparel brand, which I can’t in good conscience put here. Hope you understand!


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