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'Got Talent' contestant sues Simon Cowell for discrimination


  • Shadow 5 years ago

    "The former nurse told the court that she has a condition called cervical spine neuritis, which may cause head and shoulder pain, and claimed that her condition detrimentally affected her singing."
    She wasn't having any problem bouncing around the stage.

    "Czikai further claimed that the reality show failed to make adjustments for her disability, such as turning down the level of the accompaniment and lowering the microphone volume."
    The accompaniment was low and her mike volume, if any lower, would have been hard to hear.
    Watched the video..she's awful as a singer, but should take her singing and attitude on the road as a comedian. The lawsuit is laughable, as was her follow up, fake Karaoke/lip sync video where she pretends she has talent.
    I was a K.J.(Karaoke Jockey),even if it were not a lip sync..I can make most people sound that good when playing with the boards, doesn't mean that THEY have talent. It means that I have been doing my job right.
    Attention junkies go

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