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'Got Milk?' campaign gets axed after producing 1,000 milk mustaches

The iconic "Got Milk?" campaign has produced some 1,000 milk mustaches. The curious facial hair has appeared on famous faces while fans have collected their print ads for the two decades that these clever images have appeared on magazines and through other media.

'Got Milk?' is the question a slew of celebrities ask
'Got Milk?' is the question a slew of celebrities ask
Photo by Jason Kempin
Taye Diggs appears in a "Got Milk?" ad
Photo by Mark Davis

Now, according to NBC News on Feb. 24, the familiar slogan is being replaced by the slogan "Milk Life."

Does that anthem leave you cold? Are you against the change from "Got Milk?"

Consider why this transition is happening in these modern times. According to the powers that be, the fresh mantra is designed to show off the protein benefits of milk, as MilkPep interim CEO Julia Kadison stresses.

Meanwhile, she and all the other "Got Milk?" fans can look back with pleasure at some of the best milk mustaches this campaign has featured over the past twenty years.

The first highlighted Naomi Campbell and a thin milk mustache that graced her pretty face in 2014.

So who else rocked a milk mustache for the "Got Milk?" ad campaign.

There were Bart and Lisa Simpson who wore their cartoon milk mustaches in 1997 and there were Serena and Venus Williams who donned their twin milk mustaches in 1999.

In 2002, rocker Steven Tyler wore one in a scene out of one of his concerts and in 2008 Heidi Klum modeled the milk accessory on her upper lip.

One caveat in the new "Milk Life" change of mottos controversy. This switch won't affect California publications and billboards and such since the original "Got Milk?" campaign will continue in the Golden State, at least for the foreseeable future.

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