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Got five minutes? Try CloudCrowd

Sign up for CloudCrowd and get paid to do short task.
Sign up for CloudCrowd and get paid to do short task.
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When you are just hanging around, maybe even at your favorite bakery in Denver, try logging on to CloudCrowd for some quick work. You may not make a ton of money, but since your already on your Facebook page, why not check out the CloudCrowd application.

CloudCrowd offers short task work in online research, data entry, summarizing and editing. Task are priced from pennies to several dollars each and depend on how much time the companies who commission the task think it should take to complete.

When you sign up you are redirected to the Facebook application. Here you will give your email address and your PayPal address. You can then view the task that are available to you. You are first offered task to build up your skill and credibility rating. As your rating grows, you will be offered more task.

Payment is through PayPal, a secure online payment site that you can sign up to for free. Your earnings are deposited on the next business day after approval. CloudCrowd does not have a payout threshold. You are paid no matter what amount is owed.