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Got cancer? Senate Democrats want you to suffer with pain

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Today, in one of the most appalling bills to be heard this week from the Senate – SB 384 – a bill “relative to the definition of a controlled drug analog” in New HampshireSenate Democrats actually seek to limit the number of dosages that can be handed out in a 34 day period to 100. They do not make any exceptions for people who have cancer or other terminal illnesses nor do they make exceptions for people who have severe and chronic pain. They decided they are smarter than your doctor so they know what’s best for you.

Senate Democrats are treating the majority of Granite Staters who may need pain medications on a regular basis like criminals. The whole point of the bill is to ‘do something’ about drug abuse of controlled substances. So as usual, the majority have to be treated like criminals because of the few who abuse drugs. Democrats want to be your ‘Nanny’ because they know what’s best for you. Democrats know better than your doctor or yourself how much pain medicine you need each month. From the amended bill:

IV. No prescription shall be filled for more than a 34-day supply or 100 dosage units, whichever is less, upon any single filling for controlled drugs of schedules II or III;

The law currently states a prescription cannot be filled for more than 34 days. The change Senate Democrat ‘doctors’ want to make is the 100 dosage units limitation. If you can do math (clearly Senate Democrats are using Common Core math), that’s only 3 pain pills a day. If you have ever been in severe pain, 3 pain pills a day barely scratches the surface of the pain for many people. If you have ever had a loved one with cancer, you know that 3 pain pills a day hardly eases the pain they are going through.

Senate Democrats are so hell bent on being Nanny’s to Granite Staters that they are willing to let the majority of law-abiding citizens who responsibly use pain medication suffer as a result. They are so hell bent on believing they can stop drug abusers with their ill-conceived laws that they don’t care about the unintended consequences of pushing this ridiculous law. Senate Democrat ‘doctors’ know what you need better than you do when you are in severe pain. So much so they want to limit your pain medication. Got cancer? Suck it up because Senate Democrats want you to suffer.

UPDATE: The bill was passed without the Democrat doctor's Amendment limiting 100 pills but that doesn't change their original intent.