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Got back pain? NM alternative practioners have answers

Celebrate healthy living in NM
Celebrate healthy living in NM
Photo by Mary MacIntyre

Living in New Mexico offers so many opportunities. Some people travel thousands of miles to work with some our famous healers. In addition to those professionals, if you want to explore different healing therapies, many additional, perhaps not as famous, alternative practioners work here.

When you live in New Mexico, sometimes you can even walk to your healer. However, when one is in pain. options may not even occur to him/her. Thus one might be better to learn about modalities before the back injury happens.

Start by learning about back pain. Consider the meaning behind of back pain.

Meditation that incorporates body awareness and movement, such as tai chi or chi gong, can include aspects regarding stress, tension, and emotional issues often enhances pain relief while also strengthening the body. Check your hometown to see what classes are offered. These practices may help students avoid chronic pain.

If you injure or strain your back, review the following examples for local resources.

Silverman Spine Center

Eliminate Back Pain

Remember if one modality proves insufficient, become willing to explore multiple therapies. You can find ways that may help strengthen your back.


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