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Got an analog electric meter? Prepare to be punished

If you still have an old analog electric meter or want that digital Smart Meter that was installed on your house against your wishes swapped out for an analog meter your official Day of Punishment will be July 17, 2014.

Opponents decry Smart Meters on health and surveillance grounds and as a political scheme to gain totalitarian control of the national smart grid.
ResistNWOrder's channel/YouTube

That's the day Oncor, the power company serving Dallas, Ft. Worth and all of North Texas, will begin sending out opt-out notices to their users who never surrendered their old school analog electric meters.

Here's the word from Thelma Taormina at 9-12 Association Smart Meter Resistance Fund in response to queries from Dallas Libertarian Examiner:

"The settlements are all agreed to and approved. You are correct about the July 17th date. Oncor is, according to the rule and the settlement, supposed to mail you notification about the opt-out, and it will also include the fees. You will need to sign the form and return it with your fee."

It's been months since readers have heard from regular contributor "Mr. Smoot," an acronym for "Smart Meter Opt Out Texan," a Ft. Worth resident wishing to remain anonymous.

"This is what happens when we're forced to deal with a public/private conglomerate," Smoot complained. "The punishment from this giant government-corporatist electrical power monopoly for failing to accept something we don't want is $168.54."

And that isn't all. "Then they're going to charge us $26.69 extra just to read the old meters," Smoot snorts, "even though they have never charged extra in all the decades before this."

But it's worse for people who had Smart Meters installed against their consent and want their analogs back. Oncor will not send you an opt-out notification. You'll just have to somehow know that you must contact them and request a swap-out back to an analog meter. And you'll be charged for the removal, installation and monthly monitoring as well, even though they removed and installed Smart Meters on millions of other houses at no charge.

"It's all about Oncor using their political cronies in Austin to protect their profits," Mr. Smoot charges.

Still, this may not quite be the final word. Without further clarification Taormina told Dallas Libertarian Examiner, "These fees are final, for now. We should be in court by November. Our attorney is working on the briefs now, and once we win our appeal, our goal is to ban these meters in Texas."

While many activists cite health and surveillance concerns as the primary driving force behind banning the meters libertarians simply concentrate, as in all things, on freedom of choice.

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