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Got a passion for pot? Check out Denver's marijuana job fair!

Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Popular thinking dictates that one should pursue a career in something they love. If you love marijuana, you may have been wondering what your future prospects are, besides watching South Park reruns in your basement apartment in your parents' house.

Fear no more! Denver's marijuana job fair, aptly named "Cannasearch," will take place for the first time this Thursday, March 13, 2014.

The career fair currently boasts a line-up of 15 employers related to the marijuana industry. These companies range from specializing in vaporizers, medical marijuana, online cannabis education, weed-related tours, and more. Clearly, the opportunities are more wide and diverse than one may have expected in the marijuana business.

As recreational use of marijuana becomes more common legislation in North America, careers in the marijuana field will not seem far-fetched or silly. This is a booming industry, and those looking to hop on now will catch this success.

The event's Facebook page shows over 400 people planning on attending the fair, though attendance could be over 1000. If you're interested in finding out if the marijuana industry could offer you the job of your dreams, take a look at the details on the Facebook page. Advanced registration is not necessary, though individuals must be 21 and older to be permitted to the event and cannabis enjoyment is not allowed.