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“Got a business you didn’t build that” – exciting documentary destroys Obama lie

Tipton releases exciting new -Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville documentary - video promo
Tipton releases exciting new -Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville documentary - video promo
photo credit - Melanie Tipton

Each mother sitting at a table shuffling through medical bills with a heart sick pain in her chest as she tries to deal with shattered job opportunities and sick children knows the loss. The loss is in a job that was eliminated because her employer had to cut back due to Obamacare. But the lies of destruction birthed by Obamacare did not only begin with its birth. The pathway was crafted in large, even before the president claimed in 2012 “If you got a business you didn’t build that!” Now, a new powerful documentary promo for “Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville” gives the nation a powerful hint of what a new Reaganomic Boom can mean for America in the 21st Century. That counter’s Obama and his destructive lie

First, the lie which planted the seeds of economic deceit slinked through the nation’s heartland like a heat seeking missile. It was powered by a poison policy pill that millions of Americans would soon see after Obama took his presidential oath of office in 2009. Women knew it, as their jobs were curtailed, while Wall Street bankers’ jobs were given million dollar bonuses. Young people knew it as their college education aspirations turned to dust, while Obama allowed millionaire friends take on government contracts for energy production that produced no energy and more waste and debt.

The Obama version of communism of the 21st century was actually given life in his 2008 when he stated, “the fundamental transformation of the nation in recent years through free-market Capitalism and individual entrepreneurship does not and never has worked successfully for America and its people.” His anti-capitalism stride toward socialism was now unleashed. It allowed for his policy to be enforced with “If you got a business you didn’t build that!”

Unfortunately for Obama’s, his premature notions of declaring the death of capitalism had a conservative warrior ready to answer his claims. That warrior of conservative faith was born in the nation’s heartland of Tennessee. Her name is Melanie Tipton and she had been raised with the can do spirit of individual accomplishment that a president from another generation had seen when the nation was confronted with the paralyzing insolvency of faith in self and in personal initiative. Of course that man was Ronald Reagan and he spoke, even as liberal detractors attempted to destroy his single purpose call for a new revolution of hope and of faith which once was emblazoned within the heart of America’s founding fathers.

The Reaganomic Revolution was born in the early years of the 1980’s and with it was a powerful sensation of can do spirit which caught on in households and in business startups all across the nation. Melanie Tipton, an award winning journalist from the heartland city of Chattanooga, Tennessee has caught the vision and she too, like Reagan sees the power and vitality of what a Reaganomic Boom can mean for the disenchanted, for women, for minorities and for young people. Her documentary “Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogavillenew video promo gives the nation a powerful hint of what a new Reaganomic Boom can mean for America in the 21st Century.

The economic challenges of the 21st century America are illustrated in the recently released “REAGANOMIC BOOM” music video produced for the documentary. It celebrates capitalism and how to fight back against Obama's push for socialism. This is a powerfully inspirational song that reminds the nation of the Reagan policies that created a massive economic boom which lasted nearly 20 years.

Next is the documentary “Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville” which is sponsored by, the Conservative Campaign Committee, will touch the heart of every person, every patriot and every American that wants to reclaim the American Dream and free market capitalism which built America into the towering beacon of hope for its citizens. She is the polar opposite of Hollywood resident socialistic anti-capitalism filmmaker Michael Moore.

Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville” new promo demonstrates how yesterday’s Reaganomic Boom can now be the transformative small business economic engine which has been the marvel of the industrialized world. Once again new hope can be restored to young children with lemonade stands, store front businesses and give rebirth to a new generation of entrepreneurs like a Steve Jobs who worked and Henry Ford and were masterminds behind the creation of massive billion dollar companies.

You know what your own personal travels have been through this five year captivity under Obama stylized socialist policies where government is your nanny state and sees all and takes all including your own personal selfhood. Watch the documentary video promo and see how it and the documentary can get the federal government and its hands out of business builder’s pockets. It can help you and your neighbor to turn off the Obama rhetoric and turn on the fresh breeze of Reaganomic freedom.

Tipton’s documentary promises each person that has seen hope turn to ashes, and business and job creation burnt at the stake, can see what Ronald Reagan saw in his Reaganomic Revolution. He saw a nation that was not paralyzed with the liberal malaise created by President Jimmy Carter’s liberal economic ineptitude. Rather he saw a Shining City on a Hill where each man, woman and child had a place in partnership with faith that was real, achievement that was measurable and accomplishment that was their own.

You will love the feeling of what Melanie Tipton’s restoral of the Reagan Revolution meant in the 1980’s shows and more importantly what it can mean for a whole new generation. The Reaganomic Boom Revolutionary journey through Chattanoogaville begins there but ends at the home, the office, the barn, the garage and yes even at the sidewalk lemonade stand.

Coming soon to a family and to a nation… The Reaganomics Boom!!


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