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Got 10 minutes? Then get fit with Fitness Flower!

Fitness Flower creator, Estelle Shaw.
Fitness Flower creator, Estelle Shaw.

Do you think you're too busy to exercise? Are the tolls of the daily grind taking its toll on your exercise routine? Don't let it anymore! Making time for exercise doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore especial when you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Sounds too good to be true right?

Not according to Estelle Shaw. Estelle Shaw knows how hard it is to be a working mom and never having time to take care of yourself. That's why she created the Fitness Flower. Fitness Flower makes exercising easier by incorporating exercises into the things you do already daily. Brushing your teeth? Do some squats! Brushing your hair? Do some lunge pulses!

That's the beauty of the Bathroom Begonia one of Fitness Flower's products. You can take your daily morning routine and make it an exercise routine as well. The Bathroom Begonia features six super simple yet effective exercises you can do while looking in the mirror and it also comes with a sand timer to let you know when time is up. The Bathroom Begonia also comes with a bookmark that has an additional six exercises that you can do without leaving the comfort of your bed.

In a conversation with Estelle, it's hard to not get as excited as she is about Fitness Flower. Fitness Flower reminds us to live healthy and removes all the excuses for not doing so. As a former Rockette, professional dancer and mom, Estelle knows first hand how hard it is to find time to take care of you. She realized that sometimes, you just need a little something to get you to where you're going. Just like Trader Joe's gives you the tools you need to complete a meal, Estelle Shaw is the 'Trader Joe's of the Fitness World' giving you the necessary tools you need to exercise on your time in just 10 minutes.

Think about how much time you waste when you go to exercise. You take 10/15 minutes to get ready, another 10/15 minutes or even more driving to the fitness center and then finally after all this you get to work out. What a waste of time! What if you're at work? You take 10/15 minutes to scarf down your lunch, then 5/10 minutes to change out of your work clothes into something more comfortable to work out in, then maybe 20 minutes of exercise (and that's if you decide to just walk around your place of employment) then back to work and another 5/10 minutes to get back into your work clothes. And that's if you're lucky enough to have an hour break! There's no need for that anymore with another one of Fitness Flower's products, the Office Orchid. It’s a 24oz tumbler that works double duty. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also gives you six simple exercises that you can do at your desk, while you're on the phone and even while you're filing. The Office Orchid also comes with a book mark that provides you with easy stretches that you can do without leaving your chair.

With Fitness Flower, you get 2/3 of your workout regimen covered. The exercises are anaerobic, the bookmarks provide flexibility training and all that's left is some simple cardio exercising (like walking) and you've got a complete workout. And since Estelle believes that quality over quantity is the best way to go when it comes to exercising that is exactly what you will get with Fitness Flower. The exercises are some easy that you can even do them in your pajamas or on your couch, two areas that Estelle is looking into to further expand her Fitness Flower line. Seriously, what woman wouldn't want to be able to get fit in her pajamas!?

Here are some additional tips from Estelle Shaw to integrate into your busy schedule:

Be Grateful: Studies have shown that people that show gratitude are least likely to experience depression and have an easier time managing the ups and downs of life. Take a minute every day to focus on the positive and give thanks!

Take a Walk: Not only is it good for you physically, walking can also elevate your mood and get you back to center fast! Even a stroll for 15 minutes a day can do wonders.

Indulge in a Book: When is the last time to fell in love with a character in a book? Not only can reading take our minds off of immediate stress and pressure it can help maintain healthy cognitive functions; one of the first things to go when under stress!

Savor a Yummy Treat: Both dark chocolate and red wine contain a healthy amount of Resveratrol which is believed to be stave off cancer and heart disease, contribute to longevity and boost your metabolism. Can you say fountain of youth?! Go ahead and have a glass of Malbec or nibble on a piece of the darkest chocolate you can find- it’s actually good for you!

Say No: Yes, it’s true. You may be feeling overextended because you say yes too much. Knowing your limits is key to preserving a healthy mental state. And don’t worry, you’re not being mean; saying no is good for others too- how else are they supposed to know your boundaries if you don’t?!

Fitness Flower's Bathroom Begonia and Office Orchid can be purchased online at The Bathroom Begonia has a price of $19.95 and the Office Orchid has a price tag of $18. You can also visit the Fitness Flower blog by clicking here to get some more great fitness and living tips and tricks!

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