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Gospel singer Wess Morgan is confronted by ex wife about new marriage

Betsy Morgan, ex-wife of Gospel Artist, Wess Morgan confronts him about second marriage.
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI

According to BCCN1 on Monday, Wess Morgan's ex-wife replied to a note he posted on Instagram about his new wife and baby, and she isn't too happy. Wess Morgan, the "He Paid It All" acclaimed Gospel singer, and ex Betsy Morgan won't be closest companions in this life.

Many who know Wess, know of his pass life and being loaded with battle. Wess Morgan grew up an evangelist's child, however took a wrong turn in life.

He explains to his audience that he is up front and transparent with them. I had genuine examples of Godly individuals. I had an adoring mother and father, however I still got off track — I got sideswiped."

Well this week, there was a bit of an online confrontation between the Dove Award Winning Gospel Music Artist and Pastor, Wess Morgan and ex Betsy Morgan.

Morgan, in excitement wrote on his Instagram account that he wed his second wife in January of this current year, and that new wife Danielle Walker is expecting their child.

Well the response from Betsy puts the crooner on notice by responding by saying this:

Betsy Morgan - Monday at 11:54 PM

"As many of you know I went through a painful divorce. I stayed through his drug addiction. Two another children during our marriage. By two different women. Was I a perfect wife...absolutely not. Did I make mistakes...of course. Are there things I wish I could do over...yes! I will say that I loved that man like crazy! I would have never left. I stood by his side through it all. So when I get a call last night that he's remarried and has a baby on the way. Did it mess with me...of course. I don't understand who gets married and doesn't tell their children? I don't understand why he's transparent if this is such a joyous occasion why did you hide if from your children? Why was it kept from your congregation? Why was it necessary to blindside my children?

Betsy doesn't sound happy at all about how Wess publicized his new life. She's crying out to say, hey Wess, what about the children. Do you have any respect for your other children.

Would you want to hear such significant information second-hand or does it matter at all?

Social media is a two-way street, and your good news may be somebody's bad (or not-so-good news). Wess is a talented singer. Does this information change your mind about Wess Morgan's character?

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